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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

So Welcome

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's make an etsy mini

make your etsy mini and send me the script to add to my blog.
We can swap minis' to promote each other
as you can see by the lower right side and lower left side on this blog I have posted 2 different types of etsy minis' for many different etsy shops now let's make your etsy mini and I will post it here on my blog and promote your shop FREE.

here is what you do to get your mini
from your shop > click on your account (upper right corner)
from your account > go down the left, under promote click on etsy mini
from etsy mini > click "items from my shop" "thumbnail" "3 columns X 2 rows"

to post to your blog
from your blog > go to dashboard
from dashboard > click design
from design > click add a gadget
from add a gadget > find and click this "HTML/JavaScript"
from HTML/JavaScript - Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog > paste your script here add a title then click save

back to the design for your blog - see the gadget with title
you can move it > place it where you want it on your blog
click save, click view blog ... see what you did!!

ta-da !!!
now post your etsy mini script here through the comments or convo your mini to me so we can share and swap them on our blogs
*any questions* *any comments*  convo me or post your comments here on my blog

you can change the numbers for the rows and columns to get the size you want for your blog.

I will convo my etsy mini script to you because when I paste it here I get my etsy mini and not the script (see below)

 thank you
 - marcene

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Team - The Captain is ME!

Etsy has alot of teams.  I am sure there is a team to cover just about anything and everything you could ask for.  Promotional Teams, BNR Teams, Instructional Teams, Teams for your Blog, Local Teams and International Teams.  But I have been kicking around an idea for a team and so I thought I would give it a try.  Do you remember the old threads?  We had a wonderful thread "Item of the day" with Sophine as the Captain.  I wanted to take that idea and bring it to a team.  But these days when you post a full URL you get a picture.  You can post as many link's as you want of course but only 5 pictures will appear and the rest are only URL's.  So how do I get a team to post Sale Items in a way I can copy and paste through out the day adding shop after shop ... I wanted the 6th shop posting to look like the 5th shop posting.  So how would I do this?  The URL has to be altered so as NOT to present a picture of the item.  Well OK I have learned to do this.  It was on another team.  It was a promotional team ... I think it was the PROMOTION COMMOTION Discussion Thread ... oh my, I apologize for not remembering which wonderful etsian helped me learn to alter an item's URL.  That information was very helpful to me.  That is how I am going to post the links for this New Team.  YES!!!
August 1st, 2011 I started a new team  ...............
We're Having A Sale Team .................
It is a promotional Team.
Here is what the "We're Having A Sale Team" is for.  Like the old Item of the Day thread you post 1 item of special interest.  Simple enough, right.  But the Link has to be altered so I can copy and paste it to the list of other shops.  So I ask you to paste the link twice and alter the top link so the picture only appears from the bottom link.  Some Etsy Shop owners already know how to alter a URL and some Etsy Shop owners do not.  I have added instructions on what to do, what to remove from the link and what to leave so it is still a clickable link and potential buyers can get to your shop.
This is the format I need you to use so I can easily copy your info

How to Alter your URL
do it the easy way
copy the URL once 
paste it twice then alter one of the URL's (alter the 1st one)

(remove) HTTP:// and everything after " / " including >>> / <<< 
( HTTP:// www.etsy.com/listing/65260504  (/3-spacers)
the 1st URL will look like the link above
If you posted your URL twice - the bottom (2nd) URL's will become your item's picture

Are these clear and understandable instructions?
Would you like to join the Team?
We're Having A Sale Team <<< click the link
You post your special item only 1 time and We (the Team) will repost all through the day.
A new thread will start everyday so you can post everyday if you want to.  1 item with a special discount or a coupon code.

Thank you for reading my Blog
visit my etsy shops
 - Marcene

@ any reader of my blog:
comment and follow ... I will promote your shop through an etsy mini here on my blog
If you don't know what an etsy mini is - that's ok I do and I can help you create one.
I will convo you with the instructions on how to create your etsy mini (it is pretty easy)

I have etsy mini's promoting etsy shops on both sides of this blog