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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

So Welcome

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I want Peace and Security

Day 31 of 2013

I want peace and security.  I know it's possible.  I want what the Bible promises us.  I know it will come about.  I am ready to stop fretting about the little things.  I am ready to stop knowing I can't do anything about the big things.  To know there will be NO MORE big things.  I am ready to feel relief.  That is the peace I want.  RELIEF from worry, stress, doubt, fear, hurt and heartache.    Relief from crying in the shower so no one knows.  I can imagine what relief feels like ...  It's that moment when you feel a hand wipe away your tear and you realize your not alone.  It's that moment just before you feel joy and happiness.  Relief is that slow exhale, you know the one .. It could be after the phone call came or after the kids got home safe or when you finally had a minute and was able to sit down and think.    Right now that feeling doesn't last. 

If things were now as they were meant to be from the beginning we would not need relief because we would not be in this mess.    Peace and security would be our normal ... I like that.  I want that.

You can tote a gun.  You can have a big dog.  You can be so mean and hateful it keeps folks away from you and still others afraid to approach your house.    These things will not make you secure.  Someone else will have a bigger gun or a bigger dog and lonely is not security.  I want to be able to leave my house and walk on the road.  I want my children and grandchildren to be able to work in the yard, take out the trash, walk the dog.  I want to know that the next storm will not blow my house down or leave me in the dark and the cold or the heat for days.   I want to know there is not a problem paying my bills.  That my pantry and refrigerator are full.  I want to know my family is taken care of physically and spiritually and emotionally.  Security is way more than not locking your door.  Security must be the feeling a 18 month old baby feels when his daddy picks him up and holds him high off the floor,  that baby doesn't have to reach and hold on for fear of being dropped.  He knows one of the most loving places he can be is in his daddy's arms because daddy has proven it over and over and over.  I want that security and I will get it from our Heavenly Father Jehovah.

I've not hid who I am from you.  I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I've mentioned this before and it's in my profile.  I am an Ordained Minister the same as every other baptized Witness of Jehovah.  The Bible promises very soon the ways of this world will change.  A new government will be put into place with Jesus as our King.  He will turn right what is wrong and help us repair the land.  His Father will soon wipe Satan and his demons from the earth.  What will be left for you and for me.  PEACE AND SECURITY.

Peace and Security for all eternity under the Kingdom of Jehovah God

There are lots of scriptures that helped me get to what I believe in and what I hope for.  If you are a Bible reader and you are interested in reading some of these scriptures ... just let me know or answer your door the next time one of us knock.  If you are not a Bible reader but you want Peace and Security too, find your Bible, dust it off and open it because there is no peace and you will find no security in the things of this world. 

The start of something hopeful - Rev. 21: 3,4

thanks for reading my blog
I'll talk to you again in Feb., 2013
 - Marcene

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Day 30 of 2013

I have a question for you about your washing machine.  Do you love it?  The reason I ask is because about 5 years ago we got a new washer and dryer.  One of those front loaders.  We're all fancy and high fa-loot'n.   Cecil being the nice guy that he is built a raised floor in the mudroom for the washer and dryer so it is closer to eye level and I don't have to stoop.  See I told you He is a nice guy, always thinking of ways to make my life easier.  It would be nice for him if I did the same ... LOL ... hmmm.   The reason for the front loader,  I'm short and it can be very difficult to reach to last few item at the bottom of the washing machine on a top loader so we thought the front loading washing machine would be easier on me.  Again He is thinking of me and including my short arms and lack of stretching capableness.   So we buy it, and thank you to Bethy who loaned us the money in cash because she had it at the time.  We take the set home, well we have it delivered but it's in our house so we did take it home.   It's all set up. Cecil ran the water lines, I bought the high efficiency detergent these new fangled machines require.  And we are off to the races!!!

I wasn't really paying attention to the water level in the washing machine at first.  I saw the water come on so ... all was good.  But I noticed after several washes my towels started to smell.  No, that's not right.  towels don't have a nose so they can not smell but they can stink and I know that because I have a nose and I could smell them.   Musty like they were put away wet or laid in a pile wet before they were washed.  But neither of these were the case.  The towels were washed and completely dried, then folded and put away.  So why are my towels making me cringe when I dry my face?  And now that I know about the odor why am I washing my hands and using one of those towels to dry them before I cook?   I started to watch my washer.

The water comes on and goes off.  The water comes back on and runs for 2 minutes and then goes back off.  So why did the salesman tell me about washers that can hold 27 pair of jeans?  I have a question for him ...HOW MANY PAIR OF THOSE JEANS WILL COME OUT CLEAN?   That is the question I want the answer to after all.  If I wash them one pair at a time or 1 towel at a time will they then be clean?  The answer is NO.  You absolutely positively without doubt have to have water on the items you want cleaned and this new washing machine does not use the amount of water needed to clean towels. 

So I fixed it.  Well, No, not me .... Cecil fixed it.  After he saw me make trip after trip from the kitchen to the mudroom with pitchers of water to bring the water level up in the washer.  I would add the water through the top of the machine where the detergent was put and it would just run right on into the washer tub and onto the clothes.  I would make about 8 trips before I was content with what I thought was suitable enough to wash a load of clothes.  Cecil went to Sears and asked a few questions and he found out the the federal regulations have changed and manufacturers are required to make alllllll new models to new specifications.  What this means is that no matter what you buy it will not fill up with water.  

Did I mention I married a jack of all trades.  Well he got to figuring and looking and pointing and tinkering and he put a facet handle on a flexible pipe, he attached it to the water line on one end and aimed the other end in the same place I was pouring the water. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ... I NOW CONTROL THE WATER LEVEL IN MY WASHING MACHINE!
 I still hate my washing machine but now this one washes.  As for Cecil ... I am keeping Him. 

Thanks for reading my blog
talk to you tomorrow
 - Marcene

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

where oh where is the cleaning crew??

Day 29 of 2013

Cecil went back to work today.  He has been on vacation for the last week.  He is NOT happy.  He wants to retire ... OH, how he wants to retire.  But since we are not into money in the sing song fashion ... WE'RE  INTO MONEY"  ... we're not so He works.  He has been home and he has done what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it for days.  He has been under foot and had control of the remote.  I can only put up with so much.  I will tuck him in while he naps after his long hard day of channel surfing from one Modern Marvels show to another.  At least he doesn't watch sports.  Wait ... sports have some excitement to them, have you ever watched Modern Marvels?  It just goes on and on ... really who cares how much steel the US uses in a year.  NOT this girl! (Bethy taught me that "NOT THIS GIRL" thing)

Ok back to Cecil going back to work.  I have taken the easy road this past week and why not.  Vaca for Him ... semi Vaca for Me.   It's only fair.  Not really but let's not tell Cecil.  So back to the cooking and the cleaning.  I have cooked nice big meals for the past 2 days.   Sara and Pat and Cecil are real good about putting the food away and stacking the dishes for me.  I did several loads of dishes, I did say big meals, and we had extra mouths.  But the rest of the house still needs attention.  Wow it needs attention.  Both of our dogs shed and spend time in the barn so there bed stinks a bit.  As for dusting ... if I can't reach it with my hand it hasn't been dusted.  The kitchen has been swept but not mopped.  The bathroom has been cleaned but lets face it that is a job that should be done everytime someone leaves that room.  I haven't even made the bed.  I am a pig and have been alllllll week.  oink oink

Now this is where I call Bethy.  She is very good at cleaning and WE PAY!!   Bethy get a crew sugar booger because the living room alone will take you an hour.  I have vacuumed but the bookcase is a mess, you know how those grandkids are with paper and books and videos.  Nothing goes back it goes on the floor.  So does the crayons and the ... everything else.

So Cecil is back to work and nothing is stopping me from cleaning but meeeeeee.
Bethy if you can't make it Sara is going to take your job.
Please come soon,  I am doing more and more cleaning myself everyday.
We'll put the dogs in the barn while your here.

Ok ... Who wants a job!!

 - Marcene


Monday, January 28, 2013

Dinner and Fritters

Day 28 of 2013 ....

We had lots of company over for dinner tonight.  Sara, Patrick, Molly and Miles, with them was Allison and Rhyleigh, 2 more of our grandchildren.  Sara babysits for Missy, she works 3rd shift, so Sara has the girls at dinner time and then they sleep over and she takes them to school in the morning. 

I put all the ingredients for the meatloaf in a big big bowl while Cecil cut up an onion to add.  He then mixed everything for me because sometimes may hands get to cold mixing the meat and they hurt.  I'm a big sissy, I already know it but it's OK with Cecil and He's the one doing all the extra work.  Now back to the meatloaf,  the meatloaf is all mixed up and Cecil scoops up this huge mound of meat and plops it down on the pan and starts to form a loaf and He continues to do this until He is satisfied with the outcome.  Long and narrow.  It fills the pan top to bottom with room on the sides for the grease to pool ... lol.

Yesterday while we were shopping I found a new cookbook.  Betty Crocker/ Bisquick Breakfast and Brunch.  I was very pleased with my find and so I purchased this new cookbook and started planning what to make 1st.  Tonight I made Sour Cherry Fritters.  I found them on page 60 at the bottom.  They looked easy enough and quick enough.  I really wanted to give them a try.  Cecil wasn't going to let me make them tonight because we went to the gym and I tried to hard to make muscle.  My back hurts.  My feet hurt.  My legs hurt.  So he said wait until tomorrow.  I was very put out but willing to abide to his decision.  Since I already mentioned I made Sour Cherry Fritters Cecil must have changed his mind.  And he's glad he did.

To go with the meatloaf we had grandma potatoes.  WHAT ARE GRANDMA POTATOES???  You may be wondering.  Parsley potatoes.  My mom made potatoes and my girls loved them and they have been called grandma potatoes every since.  Now I'm the grandma that makes them.   I'm sure my mom still does but my girls and grandchildren live closer to me.  We also had peas and carrots made with so much love that everyone ate some.  I found extra love in stick form under the BLUE BONNET label.  I like Blue Bonnet Butter.  Oh and I added some home made garlic bread since I found some Italian bread on special at the grocery store today.  It was a very good dinner.  And once you add the Fritters ... everyone was full!

I wanted to give you the recipe for the Sour Cherry Fritters

1 Cup original biquick mix
1/4 cup cold water
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
1 egg
2/3 cup dried sour cherries, chopped
vegetable oil for deep frying
2 tablespoons powdered sugar

1. In medium bowl, stir bisquick mix, cold water, granulated sugar, almond extract and egg until blended.  Stir in cherries.
2. In deep fryer or 4-quart heavy saucepan, heat 2 to 3 inches oil to 350 degrees F.  Drop about 5 to 6 small spoonfuls of batter into hot oil.  Fry  to 2 minutes or until browned; drain on paper towel.  Repeat with remaining batter.  Sprinkle fritters with powdered sugar.  Serve warm.


I did add some home made apple butter to the plate for dipping and that was wonderful.

Tomorrow I will be cooking for the same crowd.  Pork Roast and SourKraut is what I'm planning.  The fritters may be served again tomorrow.

You try the fritters and let me know what you think.

Have a good evening
 - Marcene


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27 2013

Day 27 of 23013 ... Sunday

It's hard to believe January is almost over.  I hope this means 2013 will fly by and it will be spring soon.  Ah spring ... regrowth ... a new beginning .... I love spring.  Our lilac bush hasn't done so well the last couple of years but the few blossoms it still gets sweetens the air for about a week.

I know we still have some winter to go.  Right now it is raining and freezing so our plans for tomorrow may be changed.   Tomorrow we were going to spend the day at ease.  Cecil's last day of vacation.  He has had a productive vacation spending almost everyday working in the Ministry.  As Jehovah's Witnesses our Ministry is all voluntary.  We do this work because Jesus told His disciples to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God.  And of course We received free so we give free.

Answer your doors when we knock.  We do this out of Love for our neighbor.  What question would you like to find the answer to.  Pray for help but don't be surprised if the knock at your door is someone holding a Bible and a Bible study aide or The WatchTower and Awake Magazines.   Remember we want you to know what the Bible really teaches.     

Our normal Monday morning is family day working in the Ministry with Sara, Cecil and myself, we usually have at least 1 child.  Tomorrow we are going to stay home until about 10am then we're going to meet Sara and Pat at the gym.  Take a walk on the treadmill, go around the room with the weights machines, there is probably 12 different machines in the room and I try most of them at 30 lb weights,  one or two I can go 60 - 90 lb weights.  I have better upperbody strength,  I have almost no lower body strength.  Anyway after the workout I will sit in the hottub for the allotted time then the sauna for a few minutes, the sauna dries out my lips so I don't stay in there long.  After we are good and tired from our workout and relaxed from the hottub we are going to lunch at Olive Garden for soup and salad.  Shopping after that.  Home after that.

I will blog again tomorrow
Stay warm
Stay dry

Until tomorrow
- marcene


Saturday, January 26, 2013

I have electricity again

Day 26 of 2013 ... Saturday

If you read yesterday's blog you know we lost our electricity for awhile yesterday.  When Cecil called the electric company and was told it would be out until maybe 10pm I wondered what I was going to do about my blog.  I wanted to post a blog everyday and I had.  So I called Bethy 1st and she said she would write my blog for me.  I was worried.  Although I know she wouldn't cuss or post anything negative I still didn't know what she would talk about, AND her spelling is .....  I don't need to say it .... you saw for yourself .... LOL.  But she is an adult and eventually she will realize sounding out the words will help with the spelling.

While I read her blog, I laughed at some things and I cried at some things.  When she said I am her best friend I did have to stop reading and take a breath.  We have been through a lot with Beth as she admitted.  But what is a parent to do.  When they get to be a certain age they feel they can make their own decisions.   As Bethy did.  For to long she was gone from our lives.  We did hunt for her, found her, but it has to be mutual and she was married to a selfish man.  BUT when your baby calls in the middle of the night from a phone booth ... you go get her!!  All is good and we have Bethy back.  She is remarried, this time to a man that supports her and cares about her.  We don't know Jim very well because he is working or playing golf but He is welcome here.

We all have regrets about decisions made in our youth or decisions made in haste or made from stupidity.  I don't like the memories of my bad decisions and I don't like the memories of Bethy's bad decisions.  I don't like the memories of the bad decisions made by Missy or Sara either.  Someday I will be to old to remember my bad decisions or Jehovah God will be merciful and erase them for me then I will be able to become the person those memories stopped me from becoming. 

Some day ...

Thanks for reading my blog
Until tomorrow
 - Marcene

Friday, January 25, 2013

jan 25th 2013

todays post is going to be a little differant. marcene isnt blogging tonight. they lost power so she asked me( her favorite daughter) to blog for her. At first i had all kinda of funny ideas but after thinking about it i decided to blog about my mommy. as many of my mommys fand allowers might already know, we found out i have cervical cancer on jan 3rd 2013. i remember when i told my mommy i was waiting for her to break down or maybe i would just hear the worry or fear in her voice. there was nothing, she was a rock. told me it was going to be ok and we will figure it out. not even a quiver in her voice. I am telling you, she has been so amazing and so strong. i honestly dont think i could handle this without her. she makes me laugh when i need it. She keeps me possative, and I know that is hard for her sometimes. I am being so honest when I say she has become my best friend. I know when I was younger I hurt her in a lot of ways. I mean, this is the girl that litterally ran away and got married and just left a note. I put my mommy thro sooo much. It hurts me knowing I hurher and the fact that she can love me so stron g ly and so amazingly, I cannot even tell you what it means to me. My phone is messing up so I will finish this up real quick. The point I was eventually going to make is, yeah, having cancer sucks and it hit my family really hard. But the love we have for eachother has shown so brightly and if anything, this dumb cancer has made us see that we don't need to keep hasseling eachother about small things because small things don't matter next week or next month or next year. We all need to focus on what we have and that is family. So treat your family ight. Show your faily love always because you never know when something might happen and the people that are there for you the most, the people that are your rocks, tell you its all going to be ok, its your family. I am so greatful that even tho I have messed up so badly in my past I still have a family that loves me and I have a mommy that is best friend. What else could a girl want? .... ok well there you go, there's my blog. Its a little choppy and kinda all over the place but its because I had to do this on my phone and it keeps messing up. LoL soooo, yeah, that's totally what I'm blaming it on. LoL everyone have a good night!!1

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Day 24 of 2013

 I have scheduled the next art party and started the invitations.  Since I have a Cricut Cutter and some programs I am making individual invitations for each grandchild.  They may not appreciate them or know the work I am putting into them but that's what I've set my mind to do.  The invitations are turning out very cute.

The inside isn't finished yet.  It will have the date included.  They will all be the same on the inside of the card.
Right now all I have is the "art party" part.  I hope everyone can make it Feb. 09, it's a Saturday.

I want to add some games and we will have snacks and cake and maybe even some ice cream.  Then some all important CLEAN UP COOPERATION from everyone.   The art parties are always fun and MESSY, but I will concentrate on the fun part.  I do like to see the grandkids smile.  I am thinking of adding a theme ... since all the invitations have an animal on the front, even JJ's dinosaur,  I am thinking of a NOAH'S ARK theme.  Everyone can make an animal and glue it to the ark.  I will keep the ark ... forever!

When our girls were young we would have a bible study with them and after we would have them draw a picture of what we studied.  It helped them to learn and helped us to know what they learned.  We had them put there name at the top of their picture every week.  We still have all the pictured they drew.  Actually we used these pictures as a border around the mud room/laundry room and we see it everyday.  It is a nice memory of good family time.  These new pictures will be added to the pictures drawn by their mothers when they were young.  As our families grow our memories grow.

Thanks for reading my blog
Until tomorrow
 - Marcene    

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

But I tried

Day 23 of 2013 ... Wednesday

Although I had a headache when I woke up and my eyes felt puffy we stayed the course and kept our plans as they were.  The ministry in the morning and then a movie.  Sara had to work so we worked with Pat and the kids and left Sara behind.  It was very cold so we kept our walking activity to a minimum.  I took Molly to the door of a family we have called on before.  I opened my coat and held it open so Molly could back into it after she knocked on the door.  She knocked lightly because her hands were cold.  Try as I did to  block some of the wind as she knocked, it was very very cold this morning.  No one was home so we went back to the nice warm van.  We worked until noon then took Pat and the kids back to the Kingdom Hall to drop them off and we went on our way because we had plans for the afternoon, they went back home I think.

The movie was great.  "Parental Guidance" with Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei.  To see young parents try to raise their children in a way that makes them feel they are doing what their parents didn't.  And the grandparents trying to update the way they interact with the children to abide with the wishes of the parents.  It had some very funny moments.  It was a fun movie.  I cried ... I always cry.  The parents and the grandparents work it out ... of course.  The children grow closer to the grandparents.  I definitely cried here, almost out loud boohooing.  I want my grandchildren to love me.  I want my children to understand they were raised in a way we thought was right.  We do understand mistakes were made.  Mistakes will continue to be made.

Since we had about 20 minutes before the movie Cecil dropped me off at JoAnn Fabrics and He went to WalMart to get ink for his printer.  I looked around JoAnn Fabrics while heading to the scrapbooking section and bead section.  I found a new Cricut program.  Very exciting!!  This program is "Create A Critter",  I am sure the grandkids will love making some critters for our next art party.  I was practicing already and made a long neck dinosaur.  Each layer is a different color to give the Critter some dimension.  I think I will make invitations for our next art party and send them to the grandkids.  I'm thinking Noah's Ark since the new program is for "Critters".

When we got home I was quick to turn on the TV.  Cecil told me before we left this morning that BARRY MANILOW was going to be on "The Katie Couric Show".  I have never watched her show but I was willing to give it a go today for Barry Manilow.   I know who Katie is, I watched her every weekday morning when she was on NBC with Matt Lauer.  I still watch Matt in the morning.  Barry sang, I listened and swayed to the music.  I found out he did not write the songs that made the whole world sing, or Mandy.
Aw .. who cares.  keep singing Barry!

That was my day.  My headache is gone finally.  When we got home, I went directly to the remote to find the channel I needed.  Cecil went directly to the cabinet to get me some drugs to help with the headache.  I take a pill everyday for headaches but I was out for about a week so now I have to put up with some pain to varying degrees until the meds get back in my system.  I should have picked up my prescription sooner but I just kept putting it off.  I don't like taking daily meds.  SOOOOO instead, today Cecil handed me 6 pills, and I had to take them.  Hmmmmm  1 pill everyday to keep the headaches away or 6 pills when I get a headache.  When will I learn?  By friday or saturday my headaches will be under control again.... as long as I take that stupid pill everyday.

I'm going to play with my new Cricut Program some more so I'll talk to you later.

Ok so you stay warm - baby it's cold outside
until tomorrow
 - Marcene

by the way I like comments and I really do appreciate your thoughts about my blog so don't be shy ...
or mean

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

posting pictures today

Day 22 or 2013 .... Tuesday

I'm glad today is over.  Bedtime soon.  I will close my eyes and Thank our Creator for seeing me through this day and pray that tomorrow is easier on me.   Emotionally that is.  But I won't get into it.  I'm glad today is over.   I am defeated and crushed.  Jehovah God will pick me up and Cecil will hug me.  I will be OK.

So I'm going to post pictures for today's blog.
These are some of the $6.00 bracelets that I made "for the cause"
Half for cost - Half for the addition fund
 6mm faux pearls with a charm

 6mm faux pearls - simple and stylish

 6mm faux pearls with crystals

 8mm and 10mm faux pearls 

 This is Lilly and she is awesome and wonderful 
I finally got to see that little attitude Bethy tells me about 
She is so cute!!

  These 2 guys are my false sense of security.
Wolfie is the big one ... shepherd/ great dane mix
Joey is the smaller one ... Terrier mix
He is a yippie little pain that never shuts up.  We call him Sara's Dog because she got him for me. 
Sara's dog makes a lot of noise and jumps and jumps and barks and barks.
But He does keep Wolfie active, Wolfie needs that or he would lay around all the time.  He's getting old.

This is all I have to give today.  Tomorrow Cecil is taking me to the movie after a morning in the Ministry.  He says working in the Ministry always gives me some energy and a better outlook.  I pray for Jehovah's Holy Spirit to ... make my everyday full of energy and all smiles ... 

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the movie.  It's the one with Billy Crystal and Marisa Tome' (I may not have spelled her name right)  I hope I get my sales tax done before we leave the house tomorrow or it will be late.

Until tomorrow 
 - marcene

Monday, January 21, 2013

A full day and I am tired ... Whew

Day 21 of 2013 ... Monday

We had a full day today.  We left the house about 8:30am and we just got home ... it's just before 7pm.  Always on Monday we meet at the Kingdom Hall for some up-building scripture before working in the Ministry.  Today it was sooooo cold.  We made a few calls around the community on neighbors that we know are interested in learning what the Bible teaches.   Debbie, a friend who worked with us this morning, made a big pot of soup for our friends that are under the weather and we delivered that with some cookies she also made.   Our Granddaughter Molly even put a few magazines in a laundro-mat for people to read while they wait for washers and dryers to finish.  She didn't get to say hi to anyone this morning, it must have been to cold for people to venture out.

After we finished for the morning we did decide to go to the gym.  Sara and Patrick did not go with us to the gym but Debbie did.  I found out I can press 90lbs on the machines using my arms but only 35 lbs using my legs.  I guess I have better upper body strength than I thought and not so much strength with my legs.  I did walk, almost briskly, a quarter mile at a slight incline but I could go no farther.  After our breaking sweat we went for the hot tub in the ladies changing room.  Oh, Oh, Oh, did I like that!!!   I can't speak for Debbie but she seemed to enjoy the hot tub also.  We went from the hot tub to the sauna.  Warmmmmm.  ummmmmm it felt good.  My lips are chapped now and I blame the sauna, it was very dry in there.

We were hoping that Dan, Debbie's hubby, would be able to get away from work and the 4 of us could go have dinner in Springfield.  Alas, no, Dan had a few more hours ahead of him before he could quit for the day.  So Debbie went home.  We will see her and Dan tomorrow night at the Kingdom Hall for the Ministry School and our special speaker.  We are looking forward to that.  Cecil and I had dinner at Fricker's but we did go to the mall first.  He wanted a mini recorder from Radio Shack and I needed some new scented body sprays from Bath and Body.  I also darted into a store with a big sale.  They sold calendars and games.  I found a Train calendar for Cecil, A Betty Boop Calendar for Missy and I Love Lucy for Bethy.  I also found a few games for the grandkids...  Princess puzzle, card game and something else ... it has totally slipped my mind.  I'm sure whomever I give it to will love it.  We thought of them and I will know which grandchild to give it to when I remember what I bought!

Now we are home.  The couch is ready and waiting.  I got Cecil's spot ready while he was changing clothes.  A few pillows and a blanket.  One pillow will be for me when I get there.  It is my next stop.   I think I will be taking our drug of choice before bed tonight to help with the workout I had today.  Our drug of choice is Ibuprofen and He will probably give me a couple aspirins also.

So I will say Good Night because I think I hear the couch calling.
Until tomorrow
 - Marcene 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Smoothies and the gym ... oh my!

 Day 20 of 2013 ... Sunday evening

I am trying to put a healthier lifestyle in place of what I have now.  We have added a gym membership.  The fees are paid regularly which is more than I can say for our walking up the ramp to the door of the gym.  I try to put some motion in my day, I run to get the phone.  I'm glad no one is home when I do this.  I have both hands on my chest holding the girls in place, I don't want to hurt myself.  I pick my feet up.  I bring my knees up.  I really get some motion going ... putting effort into the 3 yards I am traveling to get to the phone.  Effort counts ... right?

 Lets see ... what else am I doing or have I changed to bring myself into a more fit, me.  Since I absolutely HATE YOGURT I make smoothies and put yogurt in it.  That works for me.  I use a store bought yogurt, the cheap stuff, lots of frozen fruit and a variety of juices.  It turns out very good usually.  Once in a while I add to much yogurt and I just can't stomach it.  Really ... my throat refuses to swallow it so I hope the grandkids are coming over soon.  They have liked every smoothie I have made so far, but they like yogurt.

OK so I added smoothies to get some fruit and some yogurt into my diet.  Since the fruit is frozen I don't add ice and the smoothie is nice and thick.  Now it's time to add more goodness to my diet.  I was told to add spinach and peanut butter to my smoothies and I tried it.  No to the peanut butter.  Now I know I don't like cold peanut butter but the spinach is a hit.  It doesn't change the taste really.  It does however change the look of the smoothie.  It is a little different drinking something gray so I add more strawberries to brighten the color and that helped some.  The grandkids drink it up!!!  What a great way to get some extra vitamins into a child,  hide it in something sweet.  If they are here they always share my smoothie.  I get 1 glass- they share the rest of the smoothies maker container.  I can make more tomorrow. 

We have also added wheat bread .... when Sara is around anyway.  Behind her back we eat white bread.  Oh well.  Baby steps.  I take a vitamin for women over 50.  It's the size of a small horse but I force it down several times a week at least.  Cecil takes what I call his "man pill"  It's a vitamin for men over 60.  I do make sure he takes his "man pill" more often then I take my "old lady pill".  What they don't know ... right.

I have a class reunion to go to in August of this year.  35 years ... WOW .... That is just ...   ummm I'm really getting old.  I wonder if any classmates read my blog?   Maybe I'll find out in August.

That's all for tonight.  Everyone has gone home.  We have the house to ourselves again.  I needed a nap and took one.  Sara and Pat and Molly and Miles came over to help clean out the fridge.   Molly made a very nice necklace that will double as a headband.  Very cute.  I will get a picture of it this week.  We will all be working in the Ministry together tomorrow morning.  Then to the gym ... Hahaha,  we'll see. 

Talk to you tomorrow
 - Marcene

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another day at Nana's and Papa's house

Day 19 of 2013 ... Saturday

I woke up before anyone else.  I tried to be quiet so the kids wouldn't hear me.  Bethy is sleeping on the couch and because I am a mom and just can't help myself I put another blanket over her so she would be warm, warm, warm then I went into the den.  I shut the door slowly thinking slow is less noisy but I am mistaken,  I almost said wrong but we know that just can't be ... I am woman!   Anyway back to our sleep over.  I made a lot of noise trying to be quiet and within 5 minutes I heard the 1st soft tapping on the den door.   Hugs and kisses, then another tapping,  in comes a sleepy one.  there is only 1 more child to go, JJ hasn't tapped on the den door yet.  There he is.  "Good morning and how did you sleep".  All I get is a smile from him and then a question.  Is PaPa up yet?  Can I go wake him?   I said not yet and now our day has started.  Bethy has the coffee on.  I found later that she kinda missed the trash when dumping the old grounds.  I will get to that mess eventually. 
I have some pictures of breakfast.  I didn't cook.  Sara came over with Molly and Miles.  Shortly after she arrived she started on the eggs and Bethy brought her waffle maker so she got going on making waffles.  Those 2 girls are something.  It is nice to know, and I can tell, anyone and everyone that is near them when they are together can tell  that those 2 grew close and became friends as adults.  Each of them tells me that she is my favorite but actually I wouldn't know what to do without either one of them.  I do wish Missy would come over more so she could get into the mix.  She's fun too.

Well here are the pictures I mentioned.
 First is the picture of what I saw when I left the den.  Cartoons are on of course, it is saturday.

 Now for the making of breakfast

 Bethy is waiting on her waffle maker to give us waffles.

The kids liked it and here is proof.

 Not all fun and games though.  there is a big ole tear in that eye.  He wanted to play with the cat but the cat wanted to show him how fast she can move.  Very fast.  He barely knew what happened just that his face now hurt by his ear.  Oh... the noise involved when JJ gets hurt.   Poor baby.  He did recover quickly after some tender care from his mommy.
We had a few ouch'es.  We had some yelling going on from child at another child.  These things are to be expected.  So their Mom's told them to put on their coats and go outside.  They did. 

I loaded the dishwasher 3 times just today.  Cecil loaded it the 4th time.  They wore me out.  I'm going to bed right after this blog is posted.  Let's see what tomorrow brings us.

Until tomorrow
 - Marcene

Friday, January 18, 2013

Sleep Over @ Nana's

Day 18 of 2013  ...

I learned earlier today that Bethy and the kids are coming over for the weekend.  Sleep over ... woohoo!   They usually arrive around dinner time, that's around 5pm but today Bethy was running late so they didn't get here until almost 7.  Cecil and I had already eaten.  Sara and Molly and Miles were here already.  And we sat around and waited for either Lilly or Ireland or JJ to come busting through the door yelling NaNa or in JJ's case PaPa.  JJ came in first followed by Ireland.   I got my hugs and kisses from them and they went looking for PaPa.  A few minutes later Lilly came in and close behind her was her Mommy, my Bethy both of them loaded down with bags clothes and bags of snacks and just more bags, I really don't know what's in all of those bags but she brings them everytime she comes for a weekend.   I don't ask ... I know she'll tell me she has 3 kids and that takes a lot of stuff for a sleep over.  I had 3 kids and at 1 time all 3 of them were young.  When we went somewhere for vacation I packed.  It still didn't take as much as she brings.  I think it's all her stuff, hair products and boots!!  She likes both of those things way to much.
Ok they have been here for almost 2 hours now.  Take a look at the picture I took of how everyone is relaxing.

Ireland has PaPa rubbing her back.  Lilly is lounging.  JJ is in the next picture.  PaPa fashioned a steering wheel for him to attach to the fireplace damper handle.  He can use it anytime the fireplace is not in use ... of course.  Here's JJ .. Usually he has on his superhero outfit but he is saving that for tomorrow.  I will get a picture this time and post it tomorrow.   

  Sara took Molly and Miles home instead of joining us tonight.  Sometimes she stays, sometimes she doesn't.  This time Molly didn't stay either and she usually does.  So it's still a house full and although Bethy kids are extremely good at every other moment of the day ... at bedtime when they stay here they do give her some trouble.  Cecil and I stay out of it unless she needs back up.  After all is done and the kiddo's drift off or just quiet down I will tuck Bethy in on the couch so she can play with her computer or watch TV with us or snack or just relax.  She admits she's here to be tucked in by her every love'n Momma.  It's my job and I like it fine!

Tell you more about our sleep over tomorrow
 - marcene    

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Call Came - Bethy's Update

Day 17 of 2013
Today is Thursday

Bethy posted an update on her condition.  Remember we were waiting on a phone call to get the results about her cancer.  My baby girl is 27 years old and she has cancer, cervical cancer.   We knew what it was but not to what degree.  The doctors told her it could be up to 6 weeks before they knew enough from the tests to give any results, a prognosis and a course of treatment.  So there was very little to do but wait.  She couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, she threw up alot from stress and although she tried to hide it I knew she cried alot.  I could only watch and silently cry.  Sara and I tried to make her laugh and we succeeded a few times but until that phone call everything ... and I mean everything including her future was on hold.

This is what Bethy posted on facebook ... This is about the phone call, the news she ... we had been waiting on. ( I did not correct grammar, or spelling, fix any letters, cross any "t" or dot any "i" )

 "OK so the Doc called me today and told me good news (as good as news can get when you have cervical cancer lol) the results came back and it is just stage one (Yay) and because i am so healthy, i don't drink or smoke, the cancer is sooo slow progressing that we are going to wait 6 months and re-eval and at that point we will do something. Odds are it will be something easy that they can do in the office. I feel so much better."

We did get good news.  But, ... no treatment ... for cancer.  I'm glad Bethy can now eat without throwing up.  I'm glad she sleep better.  I'm so very glad she can get on with her life and make plans.

Bethy I still remember you have cancer.  I can no longer take you for granted ... LOL  I want to appreciate every moment with you.  I actually relish in the moments we laugh and carry on when afterward I realize I didn't think about, for those moments, you having cancer.
In 2 Timothy 3 it's talks about the last days being critical and hard to deal with.  It doesn't mention disease in those verses but this is hard to deal with.  I have learned from studying the Bible that from creation onward we were meant to live in perfect bodies free from disease.  Someday soon we will again live in perfect bodies free from disease.  Will it be soon enough?  Will Bethy get sicker?  I know the doctors have the knowledge and the skill to help Bethy.  I want them to do it.  There are other things I can think about and I would if Bethy would just get better already.  Doctors, do your stuff!!  That's why you make the big bucks. 

Additional updates will be posted here from time to time on Bethy's condition.  Also I will post about other family happenings.  I always told my girls ... THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.  Now you will get the same.  In my blog.
I end this blog today with one of my favorite scriptures.  This is the future I long for.
Revelation 21: 4  "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore...”

Until tomorrow ... Be safe and stay warm
  - marcene

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Day 16 of 2013

It's Wednesday ... on Wednesday I have control of the remote and get to pick what we watch on TV.  I usually pick the same thing.  Comedy to start out.  "The Middle" has the lady who played in "EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND", I think that's what it was called.  The man who plays her husband on this new show "THE MIDDLE" is the man that played the janitor on that hospital show where the young Dr talked to himself through most of the show.  Ok so we watch that at 8pm.  At 8:30 we just leave it where it is and the show about the alien neighbors comes on.  Sometimes it funny but we haven't found anything else to watch so this is it.  At 9pm I change the channel to watch "TOP CHEF".  I like seeing what they can do when put to the test.  But the language.  That's where the problem is.  Why would you NOT put on your best face.  I think they use foul language for shock value only.  If my son or daughter was wonderful enough in their cooking skills to be chosen to take part in a TV show I would want to tell everyone to watch.  I would point out my child.  knowingly lie as I say they get their skill from me.   But who would claim the foul mouthed men and women on this show.  There are so many bleeps I miss some of the actual conversation and I want to know what's going on.   I would be embarrassed to let anyone know I am related to these men and women no matter how wonderful their skill.  The filth they spew touches me like acid.  I wince.
What happened to integrity.  Doesn't it matter how you are thought of.  When you talk shouldn't you give consideration to who is listening.  It's not ok to say what you think unless you are the only one in the room.
Let's get back to teaching our children to respect others.  To treat others the way you would like to be treated.  I won't use foul language infront of you and you show me the same courtesy.  Let me watch TV without my hands over my ears.  I choose my movies so I am not offended by what I see or hear.  When I am at home relaxing on the couch I would also like to enjoy what I watch without the wincing.  Without being assaulting through the words of others.  I know you are probably saying ... change the channel ... I am really saying WOW, WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING THEIR CHILDREN.  Do they punish their children for using language they hear mom and dad use?   I told my children to do as I do not just as I say.
So come on ... set an example.    Show some INTEGRITY

Thank you for letting me ramble on today
 Talk to you tomorrow
  - marcene

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I want a commercial burger

Day 15 of 2013

I do want a commercial burger.  In your minds eye picture this - a juicy burger slightly bigger than the bun it's on.  2 large slices of wonderfully ripe tomato, perfect pickle chips on top of the tomato, leafy lettuce and crisp fresh onion cut into rings.  No cheese let's concentrate on this burger.  Now on the top bun you can see the sauce.  You know this is going to be sooooooo good.  Oh, Oh yeah.  that's what I want.  My mouth is ready, my taste buds have been sufficiently tantalized so my mouth is watering.  Cecil's van pulled in .... "COME ON BOYS ... DADDY'S HOME"  the boys I'm talking to are the dogs, Woolfie and Joey, my false sense of security.   By the way I don't call Cecil Daddy unless I'm talking to the kids or the dogs or His, "that's not my cat", cat, Spot.  
So in the house walks dinner, big beautiful burgers.  I know that's what they are I've seen them on the commercials.  Oh they are perfect and that is what Cecil went for and paid for so of course that is what he is handing me ... oooooo it's heavy.  I will need extra napkins.
Then I opened it.  You could hear my bubble burst.  Cecil why didn't you get those big beautiful burgers that are on the commercial?  That's what I'm wondering.  But right on the bag there is a picture of our burgers.  But where's the BIG?  Where's the BEAUTIFUL?  There is plenty of juicy or so I thought but it was just grease running down my arm.  I was correct in thinking I would need extra napkins.  Where do they make that burger from the commercial?  Who gets to eat those?  Maybe I can be one of the cleaning crew and clean up after the commercial is made.   I'll say "here I'll clean that counter for you" "no,no you go on I'll get that mess lickity split" heeheeheehee

Ok I know they show in the commercials what will get us silly consumers into their restaurant.  Once inside ... they got us and they know it.  I'll eat this burger for what it is.  Something I didn't have to cook!  I'll smile and thank Cecil for bringing it home for us.  The dogs will happily eat anything we don't finish and they saw the same commercial I did.  They will wag their tail instead of run their mouth.  hmmmm

Tonight I'm cooking and were not having burgers.

Have a great evening
Talk to you tomorrow
  - marcene

Monday, January 14, 2013

Missy and Andrew sit'in in a tree

Day 14 of 2013

When you ask a little girl what she wants to be when she grows up she may tell you she wants to be a princess or a ballerina or a movie star.  I wasn't like most little girls.  I wanted to be Flip Wilson.  Who remembers Flip Wilson playing Geraldine .... WOOOOOOO  ... "The devil made me do it".  I would put on skits but I would be laughing so hard at myself that the skit was ruined but I didn't care I was my own best entertainment and my biggest fan. 

After a couple years I grew out of the movie star stage.  I wanted to be an Adult!!  A grown-up.  They get to do whatever they want.  Get up when they want, eat what they want, bath or not bath and go to bed when they want.  Oh and don't forget it's the grown-ups that have the money.  I wanted some of that too, I never had any money as a kid.  Yep I wanted to be an adult.  That was for me for sure!! 
After a few more years I realize I needed to refine what I wanted.  What did I really want to be when I grew up.  What was going to make me happy.  I wanted to feel love all the time.  I wanted to make a difference in someone's life.  I wanted to see that there was good and I could have a part in it.   I wanted to be a MOMMY!  This stayed with me through my childhood, my teenage years.  Through the good and the bad of growing up.  When it was good I wanted to remember and use this to make my baby smile.  When it was bad I told myself ... "I will never ever treat my little girl like this" ... you know you said it too.

When I was 19 I did have a child.  My baby.  I got just what I always wanted.  I got a little girl of my very own.  She was so small, so precious, so special.  My world now rotated just for her.  I only had 1 name picked out from the time I found out I was pregnant until that 4 lb 4 oz baby girl was finally nestled into my waiting arms.  Melissa but I will call her Missy.  Oh she was smart.  When she smiled, I smiled.  Of course I had to learn the word NO ... but I didn't want to, it went against everything I said I wanted to be as a Mommy.   But baby can't put a toy in the electrical outlet.  But a baby can't play on the stairs like that.  I learned right along with my baby girl,  My Missy Moo.

Now My Missy Moo is all grown up.  Now she's married with children.  Today is Missy and Andrew's anniversary and I wanted everyone to know.     Happy Happy Anniversary

that's all for today, I'll go wipe my face now
talk to you tomorrow
 -  Marcene

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just another Sunday

Day 13 of 2013

Miles helped me with the dishes while the other grandkids ate ice cream.  What fun ...  We had ham, potatoes and green beans which was wonderful.  I made a big pot of it since Sara was coming over with her family and she also had in tow Faith Marie, Allie, Rhyleigh.  These 3 are the oldest of our 8 grandchildren.  Faith Marie is 15 years old,  Allie is 11 years old and Rhyleigh is 9 years old.  These 3 young ladies belong to our 1st born Melissa.  Missy and Andrew's anniversary is tomorrow.  They had a chance to take a couple days and get away and they did. .... Wouldn't you? 
Miles is the youngest of our grandchildren.  He is 15 months and he loves his Nana.  He doesn't hide it at all.  Ah, the honesty of the young.  I was cleaning up after dinner,  the dishwasher was running, the counters were wiped.  I handed the cloth to the those at the table ... well I tossed it actually ... and it was taken up and used.  The table is clean.  The little girls were in the living room sitting on the floor, each with a large tablespoon in their hand.  I had gotten a container of ice cream out of the freezer.  One of those gallon containers but this one was half to 2/3 of the way gone.  I asked who like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  I got some answers of  "I LIKE 'EM ALL" so I set the container down on the carpet and they got after it without hesitation.  This was after the cherry pie we had for dessert.   I got pictures.

the 4th little girl is Molly.  She is at our house all the time.  She is part of the package that comes with Sara moving in.  Molly is the older child, Miles is the younger. 

The above pic is Miles enjoying a freeze pop after dinner.  He ate the whole thing.  I think his favorite part of dinner was the potatoes..  if you notice ... No potatoes on his tray.

I didn't get a pic of him on a chair reaching in the sink playing with the bubbles.  I put a plastic ladle in the water and that added to his fun and to my mess.   I should have just striped him down and put him in the sink but ... I didn't think of that until just now.  I am slipping in my old age.  When my girls were little it was lots of fun when they got a bath in the sink.  Bigger splashes, less back ache, my knees didn't hurt afterward.  Oh yeah .... let's hear it for the sink bath!!!  hoots and some hollers!  I am so hillbilly.

Well that was our evening.  Everyone has gone home to get the kids ready for bed.  Soon Molly and Miles will just go upstairs to their rooms because they will already be home and Sara will do the dishes.   Soon but not yet.

Have a good evening
talk to tomorrow
  - Marcene

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A jumble of thoughts for day 12 of 2013

Day 12 of 2013

So Many thoughts but only 1 blog per day.  I know, I know, I can blog as many times per day as I think necessary.  But I want to blog everyday this year and even though I may have many thought today I may have NO thoughts tomorrow ... LOL ... so I have to pace myself.  To limit myself to only 1 blog per day.
Most days that will be plenty.  Some days just getting 1 blog posted may take every thought I have that day.  And some days I will talk and talk and talk because I have so much on my mind.

Today my thoughts are so jumbled.  I am looking for hope.  I cry when I pray, even to just give thanks for my meal.   I want peace and security.  The Bible tells us that peace and security is one of the signs of the last days.  At 1 Thessalonians 5: 3 it says "Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them ...   I know what this sudden destruction will mean ... Armageddon is at hand.  But the aftermath is to be longed for.  No more reason for tears.  For anyone.  No more hatred, hunger, deceit, disease or death Rev. 21: 3,4    

Maybe I should just sit and listen to Barry Manilow.  The words in his songs are the words I feel,  it's whats in my head and in my heart.  Corny but true.  I listen to the words and think "that's perfect", "I feel that".  There are a few exception,  Copacabana is one exception.  But on the plus side that song makes me move.   
A couple of his songs mellow me out ... I get mellow on Manilow.  Try not to laugh.  Oh who can stop you ... that was funny ... the stupid kind of funny so if you feel a laugh then laugh.

I did get to talk about some of my jumble.  Ah to blog.  Thank you for your time, your eyes and if you read out loud ... your ears.

Talk to you tomorrow.
  - marcene 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy .. Busy .. Busy

Day 11 of 2013

So I did start that Star Trek marathon this morning and I have been making bracelets all day.  Well most of the day.  I did have to do a load of laundry and empty the dishwasher.  Around Dinner Sara, Pat, Molly and Miles came over.  We had pizza from Pizza Hut, Salt & Vinegar Chips and soda.  Nice dinner.  We will be having alot of dinners together. They are moving in.  Anyway after dinner Sara, Pat and Molly went to the top of the barn to help Cecil or Grandpa as Molly calls him, get some work done so we can move my craft room and his trains to the top of the barn.  He does get the bigger section up there.  But moved and organized is the goal for now.  I will work on getting more room if I need it later on.
Did you realize that Miles isn't doing any work with the rest of them busy little bees.  Right, little Miles stayed in the house and kept me company.  No I wasn't babysitting ... I AM NOT A BABYSITTING GRANDMA.  Miles stayed in the house with me so I wouldn't be alone.  He's young (15 months) and boy oh boy I'm still alot of fun to him.  He calls me Nana.  Not often, but he has said it, I've heard it.

Back to the bracelets.  Today I used 6mm faux pearls.  I added a charm to some, crystals to some, metal accents to some and left some just pearl bracelets to stand out on there own. 
You can find all the bracelets in my etsy jewelry shop MARCENEBT99.   Here's some pics

Tomorrow I will be working with 4mm beads ... Molly has put in an order for a bracelet with a charm in her size.  She picked out the charm and told me the color she wants ... PRINCESS PINK of course.

So in the future if you get an urge to help a nice Christian Family, well ..... buy a bracelet ... or 2.

Talk to you tomorrow
  -  Marcene 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dedicated Sales

Day 10 of 2013

I have thought about it and thought it. THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT YOU MAY BE WONDERING?
Since I do not work outside of the home.  Remember I can go days and days without even going outside the back door, I've mentioned this in a past blog.  How can I contribute to the funds needed to get our house added on it so Sara can move in and Cecil can retire.  I know it will have to have something to do with jewelry ... I can't do anything else.
I can make bracelets ..... I can make them all day long.  I have.  This is what I do.  I find the beads I have in different colors. The same bead but variety of course.  I like the 4mm faux pearls they are small, glass and I have lots of different colors.  I look for gold metal and silver metal something or other to fancy up the bracelets.  I start my own netflix marathon on my computer ... My girls will have already said, probably out loud, Star Trek!!  And they will be correct.  OH what a happy girl am I!   Star Trek AND Beading, if I could find a way to get some Barry Manilow in the mix you wouldn't be able to wipe the smile from my face.   Barry Manilow music calms me and allows me to appreciate the moment, right now ......  hmmmmmm
So anyway ... I got sidetracked.

So I'm going to make bracelets and split the price right down the middle, or divide it between the business and the building fund.   By dividing the price I will be able to take care of cost and fees which are two different things.  Cost is price of beads and needed items to make the bracelets.  Fees are what I am charged to list my jewelry with pictures on etsy.com, also there is a final fee for a sale and fees for accepting payment no matter which website the payment goes through.  These fees are minimal but minimal still adds up.  I take nothing for my time because I'll be watching Star Trek so I'm OK.

These specially made for the building fund bracelets will be posted as such.  Most of the bracelets will be priced at $6.00 + shipping so I'll be able to contribute $3.00 to the building fund for every bracelet I sell.
It may not be much compared to what Cecil puts in or what Patrick and Sara will contribute in labor but I am contributing and even that little extra matters.

To make a lot of variety - I want to be able to vary the color I use and the size of bead.  These bracelets will be 4mm, 6mm or 8mm in the faux pearls (glass).  Some with, some without the extras.  A buyer will get to choose the bracelet they are interested in and also I think I will have a mystery bag which means the buyer will not know which bracelet is purchased until it arrives in the mail and it is opened.

The bracelets will be similar to these bracelets (these bracelets are already sold)
They will be listed in my etsy shop marcenebt99

This could be a good idea.  These are nice bracelets and I have the potential to actually make a contribution.  I am excited.  I CAN HELP!  I should get started on my bracelet making, Star Trek watching endeavor.

Thank you for letting me talk through this ...  right here 
I feel better.

I am already in line for tickets .... ok, ok  I'm not

Have a good day
Listen to Barry Manilow or whomever calms YOU in this stressful, uptight world
talk to you tomorrow
 - Marcene

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9 - Under The Weather

Day 9 of 2013

I have never learned how to use the words "WEATHER" and "WHETHER"

Which one means it storming outside and which one means IF?
I googled the spelling of one of them to find out which I wanted to use in today's blog.  Since I am not feeling well I am UNDER THE WEATHER.  If I need to make a decision as to WHETHER I should go outside or not I use the other one.  This does not help me to know which is which and which to use if I'm not near a dictionary or a computer for google.  Hmmmmm .... I have to think of a way to tell them apart.

WHETHER - If I break this down.  This spelling has the word HE in it twice and WEATHER only has HE in it once.  Maybe I can use that.  HE, masculine, head of house, HE is the decision maker.  But I know of no man that can multi-task, well not my man anyway, ( a good man but not a multi-tasker)  and HE is in the decision making spelling of the word twice ... hence ... multi-tasking.  Are you following me here?  I may be able to remember that WHETHER is the word I use when I'm talking about a choice or expressing an inquiry.

So that means that the spelling WEATHER is whats going on outside.  Is it raining?  Snowing?  Is is warming up?  Or is it still cold?   This word does have one HE in it toward the end of the word but it starts with WE.  And it definitely depends on whats going on outside as to what WE can do outside. 

Is that it?  I am 52 years old and it took me writing this blog to finally be able to write the correct usage of this word with the correct spelling.  ... My oh My .... 

Today's blog came about because I am not feeling well.  As to whether the weather has anything to do with it or not I don't know maybe it was because I was kissing on those grandbabies alllllllllll weekend long.  At least one of them usually has a cold or a cough or a runny nose so it could have been the kissing and the hugging and the squeezing that passed on these germs.  I just know that 3 days after the next visit I will be UNDER THE WEATHER again.   All for the love of those grandbabies.  We have 8 grandchildren ranging in age 15years to 15 months.  Maybe I'll tell you about our sleep overs and art parties soon.

So until tomorrow -
Feel the sunshine when you get a chance

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Day 8 of 2013

Well it's back to business.  I have 2 shops on the world wide web.
marcenebt99.etsy.com   I make and sell jewelry
marcenzjewelsupplies.etsy.com this is where I sell supplies

My grandkids love to help me make jewelry and they have a lot of necklaces and bracelets, as they should.   I made Mother and Daughter bracelets that match each other or were connected by color or charm.  So when I made the bracelet for My Bethy she had 2 different colors because she has 2 daughters and each are unique and have their own likes, I only say that because they are young and very close in age and it's important to them to be individuals.
This is a sample of the jewelry I make  .... this is what I put in my etsy shop

I also made the child's bracelet with the star charms for one of my granddaughters and she loved it.
Oh my,  really it made me smile to hear her go on about it.  It's all good when you realize the moment you become "THE BEST GRANDMA EVER"  it's a moment you remember.  I'm smiling now, I can again see Molly excited and wanting me to hurry and clasp it so she can go show Mommy.    Yay for good memories.

I also make a couple specialty items and I have gotten good feedback on them.
Stethoscope Bracelets ... these are Personalized Stethoscope ID tags ... just pop off the ear pieces on your stethoscope and slide the O-rings over and down then put the ear pieces back on and there you go. You will always know which stethoscope is yours!!  It is about 5 inches to 6 inches long. To fit across the center of your stethoscope. 

 And I make lanyards and sports team necklaces.  I like to use glass pearls and make them long but I also make the less expensive shorter necklace with a bracelet in acrylic beads. Now from time to time I have also made the open ended necklaces that you attach your eye glasses to.  These can also be made with a sports team name and in the team colors. 

 In my supplies shop I am selling most of my supplies plus the supplies I try to keep in stock.
Here's the story, you've read some of this before .... I blogged about Sara moving in with us just a few days ago.

I am cleaning out the den (my craft room) because our middle daughter, son-in-law and their 2 children are moving in and we need the extra room!! She worries about us - she thinks we are getting old and she wants to take care of us and make us eat her food which she thinks is healthier.
So I am trying to move allllll of my supplies from the den into a corner in our bedroom, which just isn't going to work. Hanging shelves and doubling up on containers isn't going to be enough. I have way to much and I don't use most of it so I am going through my supplies and selling lots and lots.
Most of the supplies will be sold as lots or individual listings in my supplies shop on etsy ... 
or counted and put into baggies for my mystery boxes that are also sold on etsy ...
or will be auctioned on www.tophatter.com

I will probably end up in the barn which means will have to make it warm for the winter and cool for the summer and very very critter proof. That will take time and funds so lets sell it all ... ok, most of it ..... well at least some of it.

Dec. 23, 2012 UPDATE - 
Sara is ready to move in ...she says "get that building permit cause I am packing"
We are not ready yet but getting close.

♥ ♥ ♥

I will still make bracelets because I enjoy making bracelets.  I will also keep some of the supplies to make the stethoscope bracelets.  But I will have a lot more room in whichever room of the BARN I end up in.   

Any questions
Any comments

talk to you tomorrow