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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

So Welcome

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I made my Goal of 150 Sales by Jan. 31, 2011

Thank You ... Thank You ... Thank You

You came through and I reached my goal of 150 sales by the end of Jan. 31, 2011

Tomorrow I put all the names of the buyers from the sales in Dec. 2010 and the sales in Jan. 2011 into a box or a hat or a bag and a hand goes in and a number or name comes out.  That is the winner of the $10.00 AMC Theaters Gift Card.
The winner will be drawn from over 40 names/numbers.  Each name is numbered and a  number will be choosen.  I will blog the list and the winner tomorrow.  Maybe I should use that random number generator.

Again Thank You for helping me reach my goal of 150 sales by the end of January 31, 2011. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reaching 150 Sales by Jan. 31, 2011


I would like to reach 150 sales before the end of the this month.  Only 5 days to go and only 5 more sales needed.
Here are some items I have repriced to make it easier for you to help me reach my goal.

This 3 piece Jewelry Set  - Bling in gold and Black
Was $27.00  .....  Now $10.99
to read more about this Jewelry Set

This 3 piece Jewelry Set - Girlie in Green
Was $27.00  ......  Now $14.99
to read more about this Jewelry Set

This 3 piece Jewelry Set - RootBeer Barrels
Was $12.00  .... Now $7.99
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

This Necklace with a Chunky Red and Black Turquoise Nugget
Was $8.00  ....  Now $4.99
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

Pink Pearl Necklace with Charm
Was $15.00 ... Now $8.00
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

This Necklace has a Large Focal Bead
Was $15.00  ....  Now $7.99
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

This Beaded 3 piece Jewelry Set in Pink and Blue is only $5.00
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

This Beaded 3 piece Jewelry Set in green is only $5.00
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

 This Beaded 3 piece Jewelry Set is only $5.00
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

This 3 piece Jewelry Set is only $5.00
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

 This beaded 3 piece Jewelry Set is only $5.00
to read more about this Jewelry Set  Click Here

Lots to see.  I have repriced other items also so you  just must check out my Etsy Jewelry and Charms Shop. 

I have listed a mystery supplies box with over 200 items for Jewelry Crafters. 
I now have old postage stamps listed with more worldwide stamp lots to list. 
I have beginner Jewelry kits.  These kits include instructions and a picture along with beads and stretchy string.  Everything needed for the beginner.
I welcome comments and suggestion that will help me reach my goals so don't be shy with your comments and suggestions.  You are welcome to convo me or email me.
Remember every purchase from My Etsy Shop gets you an entry into the drawing for a $10.00 AMC Theaters Gift Card.  The drawing is Jan. 31, 2011

Read about my Goals MY GOALS
Click on the above links for more information.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All About The MayFlower Shop and The Sea Flower Studio's ... Etsy Shops

I am featuring 2 shops in today's blog.
The MayFlower  and SeaFlowerStudio

1st lets learn about The Mayflower 
shop owner May

I asked May a few questions
Q) do you have a favorite item in your shop? 
A) Yes, my favorite 

and this one

Q) do you prefer to make certain items?
A) I have a preference towards making dresses and skirts. They're fun to make and even more fun to wear. For jewelry, I tend to make more earrings because I always wear them. 
Q) anything special you would like to have mentioned in my blog?

A) I'm having a 15% off sale in my shop with coupon code VDAY15. 

 CLICK HERE  This is a link to a TREASURY of  items from The MayFlower Shop On Etsy.

May and I thank you for your time and consideration.  Thank you for reading about Her here and commenting and visiting Her Shop and Her Treasury.


now let's learn about SEAFLOWERSTUDIO

The owner of SeaFlowerStudio is Marissa.
I asked Her a few questions so we could get to know Her better.
Q) do you have a favorite item in your shop?
A) "It's hard to choose a favorite item in my shop because I love everything! But I would have to say my enamel pieces are my favorites because I love knowing that I have created the entire piece from start to finish. I love putting the piece in the kiln and then seeing how beautiful it is when it comes out!"

Q) do you prefer to make certain items?
A) "I wouldn't say I have a preference to make certain items but I go through phases of making things. I used to only make bracelets and then I became obsessed with earrings. Now I'm in more of a necklace mood. And I also love working with everything from silver to ceramic beads to gorgeous crystals. I just get inspired by something beautiful I see or find and go from there."

Q) anything special you would like to have mentioned in my blog?
A) "I would love it if you mentioned my
Twitter: www.twitter.com/seaflowerstudio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/seaflowerstudios
Blog: www.seaflowerstudios.wordpress.com "

There was one more thing Marissa wanted to convey.
"And a big Thank You from me to everyone who has been so helpful and supportive including all my Promotional Frenzy Friends!"

 CLICK HERE  This is a link to a TREASURY of  items from THE SEA FLOWER STUDIO.

Marissa and I thank you for your time and consideration.  Thank you for reading about Her here and commenting and visiting Her Shop and Her Treasury.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who's In the Crazy Thread

Crazy BNR Thread is one of the threads on Etsy that I frequent.  Today I am naming names of the members of this Crazy BNR Thread.  Who is in this Club?  What is their real name?  Do they have 2 shops on Etsy?  Beside the real first name is the name or names of their shops ... click, visit and see what they offer.

Melissa is Miss Knits and BitsFromMissknits
Marcene is Marcenebt99 and MarcenzJewelSupplies
Janet is LizardQueenJewelry and LizardPrincess
Vicky is ginghamgrlva
Lindsay is cakeordeath5
Mary is frogbowler
Lisa is LisaDonnelly
Erica is CausticThreads
Carol is AustinLeighDesigns
Audrey is Foohy and mootsie
Danielle is DanielleJoy
Terry is wyldcat
Cilicia is CiliciaHomeAndHearth
Dianna is BagsNstuff
Nancy is AllStrungOut1
Megan is HookNMirrors
Tom is TomRoche
Darcy is TrueRebelClothing
Susan is SusanSchrock
Sue is liquidsabre
Sammy is HipsterDesigns
Darla is BeadingInspirations
Sabrina is GioielliJewelry
Marie is MFcrafts and MFVintage
Lisa is KikisVintage and kikisVintageJewelry
Anna is lilyofthevall77
Liseth is IsabellesAttic
Kayla is KJRamon
Connie is chainsnmore
Terise is paratu
Pam is PLBcrafter
Annie is RubySweetPea and NannieAnnies and anniessentiments
Kim is KimNettieDesigns
Dawn is QuiltNut60 
Connie is crystalvibe
I didn't get everyone listed because I did not get all the convos back.  I'll add more to this list as I get the names.  Let me know who I forgot.
Visit the above shops, I have, no doubt you will find wonderful items, I certainly did.  These Shops are owned by very creative men and women who have come together to share their arts, crafts and creativity to brighten your day, to put a smile or smirk on your face and offer you something to take home.

visit these shops by clicking the links
visit the thread we all share by clicking this link:
Forums: Crazy BNR Thread
join in the fun it's easy

Friday, January 7, 2011

Who Are We ... Let's Name Names

I am going to talk about Etsians!!
I have chatted with many of you without knowing who you are.  I didn't know your name only what name you used here on etsy but I have learned that the name you use here may have something to do with your child, what your Husband or your Family calls you but NOT YOUR NAME.  I was getting sellers confused because their avatars were similar or the names they used were similar.  I thought I was chatting with one person and it turned out to be someone else.  SOOOOOO I thought it was time to get to know each other.  What is your name?  I opened a thread  Let's Name Names just so we can introduce ourselves to each other.  Let's not be shy I have read your posts now tell me your names.
So now I have some names and some info ... I am going to start with the threads I frequent and I will list the sellers by shop.  I will tell you their name and what they sell in their shop.  I will also tell you any interesting facts about them that they want told or that they mentioned on the threads (I will get the ok first).
What do you want YOUR Friends to know about YOU?  You can convo me, email me or spill it on the thread Let's Name Names.

Time to begin
The 1st thread on the list is
It's members:  starting with ME
This is me and my Hubby
Marcene is my name but I go by Beany and I call Him Cecil and I have for over 30 years.  I have only been on Etsy for not quite a year.  I sell handmade Jewelry pieces and matching Jewelry Sets.  I enjoy making Bracelets the most.   Here is a picture of one of my newest additions to my etsy shop
I just opened a 2nd etsy shop where I sell jewelry supplies.  I have such an abundance (I buy Quantity to get the best price) I do not need this much.  I have no room in here (the den).  Actually My Hubby has no room to get to His computer or anything else because of all the beads and boxes all over.  I am working on organization but failing.
So in a nutshell here I am Marcene or Beany
 Marcenebt99.etsy.com  Jewelry Pieces and Jewelry Sets
MarcenzJewelSupplies.etsy.com  jewelry supplies for your creativity
Next is the curator of the Crazy BNR Thread
MissKnits: Her name is Melissa you can also call Her MK.  She has 2 shops missknits.etsy.com this is Handmade wearables and accessories.
Her 2nd shop is for your Photography and Supplies needs.   The name of Melissa's 2nd etsy shop is BitsfromMissKnits

Melissa also has a facebook page:
MissKnits Facebook Page.  Become a fan.
Melissa (MK) has a special offer for the readers of this blog.  Use this code "Bloggy20off " and you will receive 20% off your purchase from either of Her shops.  Just click either link above decide which items you Love the most, put them into your cart.  Don't forget to add the code "Bloggy20off" for your 20% discount.
Remember missknits is Melissa or MK
You can find Her on the Crazy BNR Thread

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Day, A New Week, A New Month, A New Year ... A NEW SHOP!!

I have opened a NEW SHOP on Etsy.  I have been thinking about this for a while but I thought it would be such a hassle to keep track of 2 shops.  You have to have a different email address per shop so now I have to keep track of 2 emails.  You have to use 2 browsers so each shop can be usable to chat through, to post listings on threads, to buy into BNR's from both shops.  I did not want to log out, log in, log out, log back into the one I use most which is my 1st shop THE ONE I USE TO SHOWCASE MY HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY.
O.K. so I downloaded Google to be my 2nd browser since I have a google email account set up.  I only used it once or twice but I had it available already so that was a good direction to go.
Before I tell you all about my new shop I should tell you my need for a 2nd etsy shop.  I make Jewelry, you already know that, that is what I sell in my ETSY SHOP.  In order to stock my beads I order an abundance so I can get the best price.  The more I buy the better the price.  So I do buy lots of beads.  The den is full of beads.  Now my Husband is nice about the stacks of containers in the den.  He only says "let's build more shelves".   Since He enables my habits by letting me control the checkbook, taking me to the bead stores and telling me to go ahead and put in that almost $300.00 order for beads what else could He say.  SIDE NOTE ... NICE GUY!   So I have lots of beads that I don't necessarily need in the quantity I have but my ETSY SHOP is for selling Jewelry and there is not enough sections to divide between Jewelry Pieces and Jewelry Supplies.  NEW SHOP idea hatching now.
I did push that thought back for a while and tried to make due with just my JEWELRY SHOP.  Although I do have enough sections for just Jewelry Pieces and the occasional card that my daughter Sara makes to sell.  I was combining all the Jewelry Supplies I had to sell into just 1 section.  I was getting frustrated with renaming sections and moving items from 1 section to another.  I was thinking more and more about that other shop.  A shop to sell jewelry supplies.  It was sounding better all the time.  SO I DID IT ... I TOOK THE PLUNGE ... OPENED ANOTHER ETSY SHOP.
The New Shop is called MARCENZJEWELSUPPLIES  the name broken down in this, my name is Marcene, to own something you add  " 's " ... that is not going to show up but the letter Z makes the same sound as " 's " so I changed the last letter in my name to a "Z".  The second part was a mistake on my part.  I was playing with words and spellings.  Do I want Jewelry?  Do I want Supply or Supplies?   So I asked for help in the threads I frequent and I got help.  The name was good but I was excited and my hands were cold (I keep the heat turned down).  I started typing, filling out the page with all the information needed to open MarcenzJewelrySupplies but I mistyped from the back spacing and retyping to correct my errors.  What I actually typed was  MarcenzJewelSupplies.  I thought I had everything I wanted spelled out right there in the name.  At first glance I did not notice no "ry" in the word jewelry was missing.  I did not notice until after I clicked the save button. Now the name of my new shop on etsy is  MarcenzJewelSupplies.
Lots of beads and charms and earwire and special items to add to bracelets.  So much for my Jewelry Supply Shop.  I have already had 6 sales.  It doesn't matter the size or amount of the sale.  I just opened my new shop on etsy and it is looking good.
By the way it is a little confusing keeping track of which shop is in which BNR and I have miss posted using the wrong shop.  But I'll get it with practice and keeping them separate in the browsers.  
Google browser gets MarcenzJewelSupplies
Firefox browser gets MY JEWELRY SHOP: MARCENEBT99
Now I just need to get you to visit BOTH shops
Come on by, let me know you visited.  I do accept offers.
Have a good day .... Now I think I will make a Treasury or Two (I will post them at the bottom of the page)