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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

So Welcome

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is that my Mom? or your Grandma?

Day 55 of 2013 ... Feb, 24th...Sunday

I received an email notice yesterday afternoon that Bethy posted some new pictures to facebook so I clicked on the link and a picture opened,  I saw this little boy who looked like Bethy's little boy Jaxon being hugged by this familiar looking white haired old woman.  So I clicked on another link and another picture opened and there was no mistaking what I saw in this picture,  Bethy and Her Kids with MY MOM.....  OK, OK, I know my Mom is Bethy's Grandma but I had questions, I was totally confused, my head was spinning.  Where was this taken?  WHEN was this taken?  How did Bethy get to the other side of Ohio without telling me she was taking a road trip?  Why didn't She ask me to go?  What is going on?

I had to call Bethy.  So Bethy had found out that Her cousin, my niece, was having Her baby shower the next day.  We live several hours out of town so we are not privy to all the family information and didn't know Nicki baby shower was the following day.  Bethy decided to attend so She got up the next morning, packed up the kids for the day and off they went on their excursion, they headed east where the party is.   Without telling ME! .... Or informing any family members back home to be expecting Her.  She was the icing on the cake.  What a surprise.  My Mom. Bethy's Grandma, was hugging these little darlings and not putting it together yet.  She knew they were Bethy's kids but she hadn't got to the .... "How did you get here"? .... part yet.  Then she looked up and right into those big bright glistening eyes of Bethy.  Again ... What a surprise!

Well I was told by Bethy that Ireland stayed with Great Grandma the whole time they were there, right by Her side, even sitting beside Her at the "Old Ladies Table".  Bethy said that table was ... Grandma, Ireland, Old Lady, Old Lady, Old Lady and on the other side Old Lady, Old lady, Old lady.  I guess Ireland talked and talked.  She had a captive audience.  Those Ladies learned all about Ireland, the little girl not the Country.   Her favorite color ... unless it's changed, is purple.  I'm sure She shared the names of Her siblings,  Lilly and Jaxon (JJ).   I don't know what else she would share with strangers but she does jabber on when she gets started.

I called my Mom to get Her side of this and She told Ireland kept that table very entertained.  One of those Old Ladies gave Ireland $2.00 ... Bethy, your Grandma zippered the money up in a pocket on whatever Ireland was wearing ...

Now you know I have to include pictures or I won't feel like my blog is complete especially when the idea for this blog started because of pictures I was emailed.

  My Mom thinks Bethy's children are the most loving, best behaved children ever and that Bethy is looking fit and good not sick.  Yay!     I agree.

Talk to you later
 - Marcene


Saturday, February 23, 2013

And now look what happened

Day 54 of 2013 ... Feb, 23rd...Saturday

I've been thinking about my girls.  I have 3.  All are grown now with children of their own, it's nice that they share them with me.  I like it.  The extra hugs and kisses ... now who couldn't benefit from the love of little ones.   I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child.  I was scared ... oh so scared.  I was unmarried and although I lived on my own and supported myself, family strings were still attached and the strong arm holding the strings was a prideful man who would not approve of the goings on that caused this pregnancy.  I got over the fear of Dad eventually and continued with my life.  As the baby grew I started to get some questions from co-workers and friends about names and if I wanted a boy or a girl.  I had not even thought of that question.  I was having a little girl and I wanted to call Her Missy but I knew on Her birth certificate I would put Melissa.  I tell myself, even now. that if I had given birth to a little boy I would have accepted Him once I saw Him and they put Him in my arms.  But oh how I wanted a little girl.  I wanted to  be a  mommy for such a long time and this was my time coming up.  I wanted to do a good job.  I wanted to have a happy baby and I wanted Her to love me.  She was a wonderful baby, a beautiful baby, She was very good and pretty easy to care for, smart but very small.  Missy was born early but recovered from that  quickly.  She won over the patriarch of the family and He tried to keep Her ... that's another story.

My 2nd pregnancy was after I married.  I didn't know I was pregnant, I thought I was sick.  I didn't get sick with my 1st pregnancy.   Cecil and I had been trying to get pregnant and we were starting to worry but try and try again ... we did get pregnant ... LOL  I got huge.  Quickly!  By the time I was 3 months along I was unable to button my clothes.  WHAT??  This isn't right.  By the time I was 5 months along I looked like I was big enough to deliver so the doctor put me on a diet, which I didn't like ... at all.  My due date was September 3rd.  On Sept 4th I went to see the doctor and told Him I will not carry this baby this way any longer.  He gave me an examination and told me to go the hospital He would meet me there and induce labor.  WHEW.  We lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the time and it is very early September and I am huge.  I could not have stood it another day.  The heat, the sun, the not being able to move it was just to much.  I WANTED TO HOLD MY BABY IN MY ARMS ... then put my baby in bed and be able to roll over. So I went to the hospital, the doctor got there, induced my labor then He went away not telling me to cool my jets.  I thought it was baby time.   TA-DA   Sara was born about 3 hours later and she had the biggest cheeks I had even seen outside of someone blowing a trumpet.    I was in love!!  Then she stretched out Her hand and touched me and I knew she would have a special place in my heart.

My 3rd pregnancy I had to beg and plead for.  Cecil thought 2 children was good ... I guess because He came from a family with only 2 children and His father came from a family with only 2 children.  But I wanted to have a say so.  I wanted another child.  We have 2 daughters, maybe this time we would have a son.  We learned alot about my pregnancies with the earlier 2 pregnancies and labor.  1 thing I learned is that I know when I'm pregnant.  Although I couldn't get a doctor to see me until I actually missed ...... you know what goes here ......  I was counting the days.  There it was or wasn't.  I made my doctor appointment and got confirmation.  A big woohoo for me ... and Cecil ... we are having 1 more baby.  Alot happened in the months to follow that had nothing to do with my pregnancy but the stress could have affected the baby, but I don't think it did.   I'm sorry to say I don't exactly remember the due date it was January 6th, 7th or 8th.  On January 6th I called Joe and Karen,  friends of ours, because something wasn't right ... I was bleeding when I peed.  I called them because they were going to care for Missy and Sara while I was in the hospital delivering this one.  I had called Cecil and He was on His way home from His other job, His 2nd job,    Now another thing we learned about my pregnancies and labor is that when I'm in early labor I don't feel the labor pain so I don't know I'm in labor.    OK now we are at the hospital, I am in the exam room and Cecil is refusing to let the doctor leave because I may give birth when they step out.  So they checked on me often.  I did give birth less then an hour and a half later.   I gave birth to a daughter.  I did have 2 names picked out.  1 boy, Matthew, and 1 girl, Elizabeth.  We now have a Beth.  I will admit I shed a tear when they said "it's a girl" but once I held her in my arms, once I touched Her little fingers and felt the pressure of Her fingers touching me back, I knew she would be my baby forever and I was glad she was a girl.

I've learned through the years that Missy is very accepting. She is so loving and has such a caring heart that, as you are that is as She'll take you.
I've learned through the years that Sara sees the world differently.  She doesn't like stress and disorder.  She loves smiles and She will make you laugh to see one.
I've learned through the years that Bethy wants it Her way ...  but don't we all.  Bethy is loving and I will always remember that little shadow of mine that would let me hold Her every once in awhile, she would lay Her cheek on my cheek and I could feel butterfly kisses with every blink of Her eye. 

Look at my girls now ... all grown up ... They are wonderful ... they will still hold my hand

 This is what we have become  .... including their Husbands and our 8 grandchildren

 I know today's blog is kind of long but I got involved and caught up in the moment or hour ...

thank you sticking with it
 - Marcene

Thursday, February 21, 2013

so this old man and this old woman were sitting on a bench

Day 52 of 2013 ... Feb, 21st... Thursday

I'm blogging early today ... 1 reason is because it's Thursday and if I don't blog early I won't blog until real late because the Ministry School meeting is on Thursday evening and I would blog after we get home.  The 2nd reason I am blogging early is because I didn't blog last night.  So on with today's blog.

I saw a picture posted on facebook of an old man sitting at one end of a bench and sitting on the other end was an old woman.  The old man has a scowl look on His face, it's raining.  He has an umbrella but He is holding the umbrella out away from Himself to the other side of the bench over the little old women sitting there.  This means that scowling old man is sitting there in the rain and getting wet.  This picture has a caption or title "LOVE IS CARING FOR EACH OTHER EVEN WHEN YOUR ANGRY"

When I saw this picture I downloaded it immediately and it became my new computer screen background  wallpaper.  That little old man holding an umbrella away from Himself even though you could tell from the expression on His face He was angry at Her and the fact that these 2 people were not sitting side by side but still ... unselfishly ... loving Her ... caring about Her ... he sat in the rain.  That made me think of Cecil, of course, and any reader of my blog that knows Cecil will agree, our children will agree also,  no matter how angry at me He may be at the time even if I stubbornly refused to move closer to Him to share the umbrella so both of us would have shelter from the rain.  He would hold that umbrella out away from himself over my head.  

When I showed Cecil my new background wallpaper He smiled ... He knows He would sit in the rain for me.    OK ... I know who I am.  I have flaws, we all have faults and flaws, things we would like to change.  Realizing these faults, knowing your own flaws, that's one thing but saying them out loud is something very different.  Hearing them ... and you recognize that voice .... it's your own voice. 

I was raised in a household with 2 parents, lots of siblings, from time to time a grandparent or two and even some foster children.  Pride was on the highest rung of the "SUCCESS" ladder.  You needed no extra schooling to climb this ladder but you have to step on many fingers.  You did have to develop a tough outer skin, hold your feeling within and no tears ....on the outside   So when I was talking about this old man to my ever-lov'n-man about how He was Him and I knew even if He was angry because of one of my many many many flaws and faults, He, because He loves me, would see to my well being ... always ... and I was confident of this.

I made my mistake when I made it real.   When I made this personal.  When I opened my mouth and compared us.  I fight to let go of that high rung step with almost every decision I make.    If I were sitting with the umbrella and it started to rain ...  how wet would we both have to be before I would open the umbrella?  How long would I make Him wait before I offer some relief from the rain to Him?   I just leaned my head on His back and cried silently for a minute but He knew and He turned and held me ... but His hands were wet because He was rinsing and cutting vegetables for me before He went to work.  That made me laugh.  He's good!   

What internal battles do our girls fight because of the way they were raised?  Are they who they want to be?  I'm not.  I want to be pleasant.  I want to be someone you want to call friend.  I want to like who I am.   Someday ... I have hope that someday I will.  Someday I'll stop crying or allow myself to start.

Later you blog readers - you
Have a good day
 - Marcene

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've been missed

Day 50 of 2013 ... Feb, 19th

So I've missed a week but it only seems like 2 days.  My last blog was on the 14th.  Bethy blogged for me on the 15th but since the 15th there has been no new blog in this space.  I received an email this morning from a concern reader.  Concerned about what???  Me??? OR Concerned about the regularity of their day which includes my blog?  I'm won't name names, I won't point fingers.  You know who you are!

So to help with tomorrow's regularity through the day for this one reader I am blogging today. 
Updates:  Cecil was sick over the weekend.  He had some nasty stomach virus.  So I tucked Him in good and tight on the couch with so much love ... so that He would be so comfortable where He was ...  He wouldn't even think of getting up later and getting into our bed and breathing on me through the night.   I hate hate hate throwing up.  Well I'm sure it's not a favorite of many people.  But someone somewhere likes it, you can bet on it.   Oh and I did get the waste basket out of the bathroom, put 3 walmart plastic bags around the inside and set it on the floor but within reach of grasping hands searching for a container.  Just in case there was more to come in the night.  There was not.  Whew!

I made some more bracelets to put in my Jewelry Shop on Etsy to help with the building fund of our addition.

These bracelets will sell for $6.00 each.  $3.00 for the building fund and $3.00 for business.  If you, my readers, are interested in purchasing a bracelet or 2 follow this link http://www.marcenebt99.etsy.com   I always include a little thank you gift for purchasing from my etsy shop, it is usually a bracelet or an anklet.

Well I will try to keep up with my blog for the sake of those that like to read my blog at the same time each day so as not to upset their routine and regular activity.

You gotta love the reader.

Have a good tomorrow
 - Marcene

Friday, February 15, 2013

hello its beth again!!!!!

Hi there its Beth again! My mommy wanted me to blog for her again! I think she is tired of me calling her EVERYDAY and telling her all about my new juice cleanse and all the other ramblings I tell her about everyday! LoL so here I am. I'm going to tell all of you wonderful loving people about it. I will start at the beginning. .......

OK no that might be to long of a blog. I will just go back a few weeks. This whole juice cleanse started when the cancer meds started making me sick. I called my doctor and they put me on something different. A lower dose medicine that I would just take for a few months. Well those affected me horribly too. I started doing research on how to fight the cancer cells and food that will eat the cancer cells. There is some crazy stuff out there. Sifting through the crazy and not so crazy stuff was a little overwhelming, but one thing kept popping up, and it was a juice cleanse. I guess people have been doing these for A LOT of different reasons. One of which is to boost your immune system and cleanse the body of all the toxins. I have found several sights that combines a lot of the foods that eat and fight cancer cells and the juice cleanse system. I am telling you what. I feel amazing. I have more energy, I am more alert, I feel happier and healthier. It truly is amazing how it makes you feel. I strongly suggest everyone try a juice cleanse. The juices I make taste really good. Now I do still eat dinner. I'm not doing a cleanse to loose a bunch of weight or to crash diet. I know my body needs food. The meal I eat at 5pm is a nice healthy meal containing, lots of fresh fruit and veggies and either fish, chicken, or steak. No ground beef. Also, I'm not saying this is going to cure cancer. I know it's not going to make it all go away (would be nice though) and I am still taking my medicine when I need to. I'm telling you, the way I feel is wonderful. I wish my body could keep up with all the energy I have. LoL

   My mom wanted me to make sure I update all the readers about the cancer status, so..... its still there!! LoL I'm just playing, well I mean, yeah it is still there, but she wanted me to tell everyone that my procedure date has been moved up because of a cyst on my right ovary. Turns out during the course of an MRI for my back we have been keeping track of the size of this cyst growing on my ovary. In 2007 it was 1cm, and at the last MRI it was 3.2cm. As soon as I realized it was growing I called my doctor and they moved up the date to as soon as they could so they can look at the cyst too. So my new procedure date is March 4th. I told my mom its not a big deal. I mean, they do everyone in the office. I will walk in and I will walk out, no wheelchair or bed rest. I might be in a little bit of pain the next day but they say it's nothing that Advil won't help. But HEY, if my mommy wants to come and wait on me hand and foot, who am I to stop her?? LoL 

You know, I was driving yesterday, I had just come from the store, picking up medicine for my back and my blood pressure (yeah i know, I'm a mess) and I'm thinking to myself, my medicine cabinet looks a mess. With all the meds I have either tried or I am currently taking, my cabinet is full. so then I thought to myself I will be able to throw most of those away March 5th!!! Then I had this image of my mom holding a trash bag open while I just pushed everything from my medicine cabinet into the trash. I won't need them anymore. How awesome will it be when I get to throw all that stuff away. I can't wait.
   OK so let me see, what else can I blog about????  Well I can't think of anything else right now. Maybe I will have more to say by the time I blog again!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday's Blog is late

Day 45 of 2013 ... Feb, 14th

I know it's late, it's 10:30 pm and I'm just getting started.  Thursday's blog will probably always be posted late.  I blog in the evening mostly unless I have something weighing on my mind or something exciting has happened and I need to vent or want to share.  The reason Thursday's blog will usually be posted late is we have the Ministry School on Thursday evening and we don't get home until after 9pm.  So starting shortly after 9pm.  We change clothes, go potty, because you know we've been holding it in.  Settle in, have a snack ... tonight we are having ice cream.  After we finish our snack I still have to check my email, check my etsy accounts for sales,  unload and reload the ovens and grills in the game Chefville I play from facebook and from zynga.com.  I think that's it.  I do usually go back and forth from Chefville and this blog while I'm writing it.  Chefville is addictive for me.  I am so co-dependant I become addicted to many things.  It's a good thing I don't drink or do drugs ... boy would I be a mess.

So now you know why today's blog is late.  The Ministry School was good as always.  Cecil gave the Bible highlights this week from Matthew chapters 26, 27, 28.  He is always nervous but does a good job and He gives us lots of information.  Molly had a comment about Judas trading Jesus for money.  She is learning and Her parents are teaching Her to contribute to the meetings with Her comments.  Good job.

I am just a wanna be ... I wanna be one of those that participate but so many things stop me.  Fear is the big one.  I don't know why because I use to answer, I use to participate.  Now I shrink back and that is not the good portion.  We have a special month of activity coming in March and I do plan on being more a part of the activity.  The Ministry is calling .... send me ... send me. 

Maybe I lean on Cecil to much.  Is that even possible?  His strong arms can hold me up and support me.  His gentle hands wrap themselves around mine as we go to the next door.  I'll be strong again, I will,  I have to be ... so I will be. ...... Soon. 

talk to you tomorrow
 - Marcene

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There's Turquoise under that chin

Day 44 of 2013 ... Feb, 13th

The other day I mentioned I was sitting here making a necklace and I would have it finished in a day or 2 because I was going to redo it to make it alittle longer so it will just slip over the head.  It's finished.  I like the way it turned out.  I did redo it to make it fit over the head without using a clasp.  I did go ahead and put a clasp on it to finish it out.  It lays about mid chest which is a nice length.  Turquoise in color and made with imitation turquoise beads.  Oval puff beads and small round beads.  The small round beads are the imitation turquoise and the puff oval beads are called bead chalk turquoise.

I took several pictures to show you how nice it turned out.  I will use these pictures when I list it in my jewelry shop on etsy.  Here are a few pictures  

I took the pictures of me wearing the necklace with my iPad.  This was more difficult than I thought it would be and it makes my boobs look like they go on forever ... towards the ground .... well I don't tote them around with a wheelbarrow.  I edited the pictures to show more of the necklace and less of the boobs and neck, there was several chins in the pictures also.

The pictures aren't great but it does show how long the necklace is and that is what I wanted.  It does show how long the necklace is, doesn't it?

I think I have enough beads to make a matching bracelet or earrings but probably not both unless I get on the floor and find the beads I dropped.  That's the job I make seem exciting when the grandkids are here.  Yep I have read Mark Twain and the white washing is a standard among grandparents to old and tired to bend and sit on the floor.  So Molly, Lilly and Ireland ... I need a visit from you soon ... these beads are not picking themselves up you know.  Good quality time,  that's what it is ... good quality time ... LOL.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading today's blog.  Most of you missed yesterday's blog, the page views did not increase by much.

Visit my jewelry shop on etsy

If you are a crafty person and in need of supplies visit my supply on etsy

Have a good evening
 - Marcene

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who Am I?

Day 43 of 2013 ... Feb, 12th

Jehovah’s Witnesses—Who Are We?

We come from hundreds of ethnic and language backgrounds, yet we are united by common goals. Above all, we want to honor Jehovah, the God of the Bible and the Creator of all things. We do our best to imitate Jesus Christ and are proud to be called Christians. Each of us regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s Kingdom. Because we witness, or talk, about Jehovah God and his Kingdom, we are known as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Some have been turned aside to follow Satan.—1 Tim. 5:15.
Satan’s aim is to get us to stop preaching the good news. (Rev. 12:17) To that end, he tries to get us to pursue activities that waste time or that cause division among us. Notice how Paul identifies Satan’s tactics at 1 Timothy 5:11-14. “Unoccupied, gadding about.” In this age of technology, it is easy to waste our time and that of others by, for example, forwarding nonessential or even fallacious e-mails. “Gossipers.” Harmful gossip may lead to slander, which often causes contention. (Prov. 26:20) Whether they realize it or not, malicious slanderers imitate Satan the Devil. “Meddlers in other people’s affairs.” It is not our right to tell others how to run their personal affairs. All such idle and troublesome behavior can distract us from the God-assigned work of Kingdom preaching. If we stop actively supporting Jehovah’s work, then we start following Satan. There is no middle ground.—Matt. 12:30.

 ~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~



What comes to mind when you hear the name Moses? Do you think of . . .
  • the baby whose mother hid him in a basket in the Nile River?
  • the boy who was raised in luxury in Egypt by the daughter of Pharaoh—yet never forgot that he was an Israelite?
  • the man who lived as a shepherd in Midian for 40 years?
  • the man who had a conversation with Jehovah * in front of a burning bush?
  • the man who stood up to the king of Egypt, boldly asking for the Israelites to be freed from slavery?
  • the man who, at God’s direction, announced the Ten Plagues upon Egypt when its king defied the true God?
  • the man who led the Israelites in a grand exodus from Egypt?
  • the man who was used in the parting of the Red Sea?
  • the man who gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments from God?
 * Jehovah is the name of God as revealed in the Bible. (Psalms 83:18)

MOSES had all those experiences and more. No wonder this faithful man is highly respected by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike!
Without question, Moses was a prophet who showed “great awesomeness.” (Deuteronomy 34:10-12) He allowed God to use him in a mighty way. Yet, Moses was an ordinary human. Just like the prophet Elijah, who appeared beside Moses in a vision during Jesus’ earthly ministry, Moses was a man “with feelings like ours.” (James 5:17; Matthew 17:1-9) Moses faced many of the same problems that we encounter, and he overcame them successfully.
Would you like to know how he did so? Consider three of the good qualities that Moses displayed and what we can learn from his example.

~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~
Get your copy of THE WATCHTOWER this month and read about Moses.  THE WATCHTOWER is usually and mostly delivered door to door by Jehovah's Witnesses or call a Kingdom Hall in your town and someone will send you one. 

Who I am was bound to blogged sooner or later
What I believe ...  is ... WHO I AM
I'll talk to you tomorrow
  - Marcene

visit www.jw.org for more literature options in many languages
The above info about Moses and the text was taken from www.jw.org

Monday, February 11, 2013

Windy and Napping

Day 42 of 2013 ... Feb, 11th

We worked in the Ministry this morning and it was windy.  Very windy, it rocked the van which helped Miles (our grandson) go to sleep.  Cecil fought the wind and got yelled at for it a couple of times because I didn't know He was fighting the wind I thought He was just not paying attention to the road ... oops ... my bad.  After we got home I got caught up on the Zynga game I play, Chefville, ate a big mac from McDonalds, turned off the computer and took a much needed nap.  I don't know what time it was when I went to bed but it was about 6:30 when I got back up.  Nice nap ... right.

We had left overs for dinner.  Made some nachos from the cheese and such that was still around from the art party on Saturday.  Well they were in the fridge not just out on the counters.  Now I have alot of dishes to do TOMORROW.  Clean up will start bright and early.

So I am sitting here while getting ready to blog and I started a new necklace.  Turquoise in color, oval and round beads.  I have been in a long necklace mood.  Making necklaces long enough to just slip over the head.  This one will be close to that but I'm not sure if I have enough beads to make it mid chest length.  I have more 4mm round turquoise beads so if I remake the whole thing and add more of the small round beads between the small puff oval beads I could make it a little longer and that is all I need to just make it a  little longer.  I make and remake necklaces and bracelets and earrings until I'm happy with the outcome.  Since I make them to sell I have to have some conviction of their likability and sometimes that involves remaking a piece or two.  You gotta do, what you gotta do.

I will finish it and take pictures of it and list the necklace on my jewelry shop website ...  www.marcenebt99.etsy.com  probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  This is the same website that I have the bracelets on that I'm selling to help build funds for the addition and for the remodel of the barn.  Be sure to check these listings out.  It's the only way I contribute besides cooking.

Well that's it for today.  I'll work on something good to blog about for tomorrow.
Have a good evening

 - Marcene

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The day after

Day 41 of 2013 ... Feb, 10th

Today being the day after our art party, my house is still in disarray, the dishes are not done yet but we used paper plates so it's not to bad, the dogs were just now let out of the barn ... they were cooped up all day today and yesterday ... poor little things.  Something that was discovered yesterday and used over and over was the photo booth app on my iPad.
I am going to share a few pictures with you of some squeezing and stretching and twisting and more.  The little kids aren't allowed to play with NaNa's iPad (PaPa's put His foot down and He almost never does that)  soooooo the big kids played with the faces of the little kids and the faces of each other.

Here are just some of the results. 

This is our Handsome Patrick

The Baby,  Miles

It's Meeeeeeeee

This is the wonderful Cecil,  He did not ask for this  ... LOL

Molly thinks she looks like a lion

Rhyleigh likes this one better than the 1st one I took

Ireland on the left with purple earmuffs and Lily on the right 

Me on the left and my Bethy on the right ... real pretty

I think I took 24 pictures of these 2 ... click, click, click one after the other ... this one is the winner

Me on the left edge and Missy, right there ... yep! that's my 1st born

Lily ... Can this girl take a bad picture?  Oh my ... just look at her

Molly wanted to be a twin sooooo I made her a twin

Molly again ... this girl just doesn't stop

The mighty one ... Miles

This is Joey before he went into the barn ... not after he got out 

Sara has always been beautiful ... inside

This is our beautiful Ireland with awesome long red hair

Not everyone played with us in the photo booth but we did get most.  Faith Marie and Allison are missing from the line up but I will get them soon.

I hope you get a giggle from them.  We sure did and Molly really did Laugh-Out-Loud she rolled on the couch laughing ... over and over, but I don't think you would know what ROCL would stand for unless I wrote it out.  It's not the norm for abbreviations and I'm not up on all the internet short forms.  I still spell most things out, you know ... old school ... LOL  ... I got this one though.

 Squeezes to you and stay warm
 - Marcene 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Art Party, pain meds then bed

Day 40 of 2013 ... Feb, 9th

8 grandchildren, 3 Mommies, 1 Daddy and Me ... I'm NaNa (PaPa was at work most of the day).  This was quite a gathering.  1st the kiddos decorated the bag that will hold their goodies.  6 pink bags and 2 blue bags were handed out and instructions were given.
Put your name on the back of the bag, only your name and nothing else.  Make the front of your bag look any way you want.  Use stickers, markers, tape, feathers, sticks, foam animals, stampers with a variety of inks,  whatever is in the box of art supplies could be used to decorate their goodie bag.  And the mess began!!  They found glitter!  I forgot to remove the glitter from the art supply box.  It's my own fault.    But they were having fun.  they listened to the instruction they were given and the goodie bags were ready to be filled with goodies.  Oh except for Faith Marie she was still working on her goodie bag when the 1st game began.  She was looking for certain letters and I guess she was looking for the last one I had in the box because she was having some difficulty ... I believe it was a "R" she was looking for.  She was putting the word "CRAZY" on her bag.  I think it was to describe this family.

ON with filling the goodie bags.  The 1st game we played the kids had to throw a ball and try to get the ball to go into one the bags that were in the line or circle on the floor.  The bags had toys and treats in them.  We put a variety in each bag and not the same things in each bag.  The child got to throw the ball until the ball finally did go into a bag then so I did not have to bend again and again and again once I got tired ... Whew ... They reached in the bag to retrieve the ball, handed me the ball and then they got to pick a toy or a treat from that bag.   I think JJ ended up with 3 small but powerful flashlights by the end of this game.  He really seemed to like clicking them on and off and looking at everyone with the bright light.  Forget about the pudding cups and He didn't even see the motorcycles in there .... NOT YET.  After what seemed like 14 or 15 rounds of this Sara dumped all the bags onto a pile in one spot on the floor and spread it out a little and each child in turn could take something from the pile until all the goodies from this game were taken.  1 game done.

 Miles played and picked a big sucker.

 PaPa must have found alot of these flashlights, JJ got 3, Ireland has one and I know a few more were passed around.

Game #2 - Candy Walk.  Like a Cake Walk but the prize was a baggie with chocolate bars and Craisins.  We numbered some paper plates and put them in a circle on the floor in the livingroom.  Everyone that wanted to play stood on a number.  My girls participated in this one, it was the promise of chocolate as a prize that got'em involved.  All 3 of them played plus 7 grandchildren (Miles is only 16 months old so He didn't play).  So I made them work for that chocolate.  They danced, pointed and walked like an Egyptian around that circle until I stopped the music.   We did alot of laughing.  The younger ones haven't learned to be good sports yet so we did have some pouting but we kept on playing and if they wanted to join in they came back in the room.  I pointed out that you can pout and walk away but you can't win a prize unless you are in the game so back they came.   After these special goodie bags were gone I had a few treats for the two or three that didn't win a prize.  They still got a bag of chocolate so everyone was happy.  Both games were done.   I don't have any pictures of the candy walk because I was to busy laughing at these kooks (I'm taking about the adults playing with the children).

Now I asked a question ... Should we open presents or should we eat.  Faith Marie wanted to eat and from my understanding she always wants to eat.  She is 15 and I think a slight wind could blow Her over so I should let Her eat but the other kids wanted to open presents.   We opened presents.  Faith Marie handed them out for me as I handed them to Her after saying who the present was for.  I think I nailed the presents.  All smiles all around the room.  A couple of unexpected hugs coming my way was a bonus.  I just love hearing "YOUR THE BEST GRANDMA EVER" ... no seriously .... I love that!  I work hard for that.

OK time to eat.  Nachos for everyone, anyway you like'em.  These nachos were cutesy of PaPa.  He got everything ready before work this morning.  He cooked up the hamburger last night.  Chopped the onion last night.  Put everything in the fridge so all I had to do this morning us take it out of the refrigerator and put it in one of the 3 bays in the 3 bay crock pot ... WE GOT TO USE SOMETHING FROM THE SHELF! 
The nachos were extra good tonight, It must have been because of the ones we shared the meal with. 

Right after the nachos Sara cut the cake and I started scooping some ice cream.  Bethy's cake was very very good.  It was the 1st picture taken and that was before we cut into it.

Now on to another art project.  This one is for NaNa and PaPa to keep for ourselves when it is finished.  I used my Cricut Cutter and cut out 6 or 7 different animals.  Each animal had several layers to them, each layer was a different color to give the animal some dimension and character.  Also each layer had a different cut out on it so when the animal was stacked and put together several colors showed through.  Even the younger kids followed along and glued the pieces together then added their own personal touch after the gluing was finished.   With their names on the backs of their animals more glue was applied and each animal was placed on a posted board that when finished will be a wonderful representation of Noah's Ark.   The animals are glued on but we don't have the picture of Noah's Ark on it yet.  I am excited to get it finished.  This will be wall art for us and I plan to cherish it.

This is the group.  PaPa is taking the picture.
Miles is doing the wave out of sequence or He's just slap happy because no one else was doing the wave.
Can you see the colorful and creative bags.  Ireland seems to like Her red cowgirl hat.

OK it's was time for everyone to go home so I can take some painkillers to kill the pain in my feet, legs and back.  Oh my ... Oh my ... Cecil Honey make these some strong pills please.  We will clean tomorrow, Maybe.   Good night I hope you enjoyed our Art Party as much as we did.  

I am tired.  I am relieved.  I am going to bed!

 - Marcene

Friday, February 8, 2013

Babies and Cakes and MORE

Hi there, this isn't Marcene tonight. Her favorite daughter is blogging for her tonight, again!!! I honestly don't mind, I have always loved to write (or type, whatever). I did it alot more when i was younger. I tried to have my own blog once but believe it or not i ran out of things to talk about, so then i started talking about my past and my horrible choices i made, well then that turned into me being sad, so i stopped that real quick and suppressed everything back down where it should be!!! I'm right as rain now. LoL anyway, back to my mom's blog. So let's see, what should I blog about. She wanted me to tell all you awesome readers out there about the "normal" cake I made for our family art party tomorrow. So hey everyone guess what..... I made a cake!!! WOO HOO!!! it's white and boring. just like my mom wanted. Her exact words (that i heard) "bethy, i just want a boring cake with no fondant or beautiful decorations, i want you to ignore all you amazing creativity and just make me a boring ole white cake with fluffy icing... so we can eat it with ice cream" yes, you read it right, those were her exact words (that i heard) So i did as my amazing mother asked of me, like i always do as the amazing favorite daughter i am. I made a white cake with white icing, all made from scratch and full of love. AND I HATED IT!!!!! every time i would walk by that cake, i would look at it like it did something wrong to me. It was so....... BLAH!!! i couldn't stand it anymore. Something inside me took over and i decorated it!!! dun dun dun!!!! don't worry i didn't go over bored. I just added some cute little hearts. They are piped out of icing died pastel pink and then i took a flat art brush and did this lace affect on it. It's kind of hard to explain, I think i did a good job not over doing it so my mommy would still be happy. So there you have it, that is the story of the cake thus far. More will come tomorrow after we eat it and after everyone sees we. Wonder what mommy with think! LoL
   Now on to the BABIES!!!! I love babies!!!! I'm going to be a grandma and I'm so excited. Yeah yeah, I'm young, some would say to young to be a grandma, BUT since my 7 year old isn't the one having the baby and my 26 year old daughter in law is, I'm aloud to be happy! LoL umm.... i think that's in on the baby part. Its seems like alot more before i typed it out. Sorry!!!
     What else can I talk about? ....... oooo We can talk about family. Family is one of the most important things to me, and being that tomorrow is a BIG family get together, it seems like perfect timing. so where do i start, well lets start at the beginning, when you realize to don't like your siblings. Now of coarse this age comes at different times for everyone. I don't remember exactly when it happened for me, but i can tell you the time i realized I loved my sisters more then anything. I have 2 sisters so it happened at different times for both of them. Missy, the oldest sister, it happened at about the age of 19. She helped me realize that no matter what happened to me i could always turn to her and she wouldn't judge me, she wouldn't lecture me (until the time was right) and she would never turn me away. I went throw alot when i was 19 and no matter what it was, from something small like i needed to just cry or something big, like i needed to hide from the scary monster that was my husband at the time (now my ex, no worries) she was there. I had no hesitation and no worries about what she would think of me or how she would treat me. At age 19 my sister Missy was my rock. NOW onto Sara...... Sara and I have different stories about how we felt about each other growing up, she said she always loved me and i always thought she ALWAYS heated me, like with a passion hated me. Turns out, i was wrong. I remember realizing Sara loved and I loved and needed her when i was 20. I once again running away and hiding from the scary monster, ended up at my parents house. Lilly was just a baby. I don't remember exactly how it all happened, but i remember i woke up on the couch and Sara's face was right there when i opened my eyes, like she had been waiting all night for me to wake up. She asked me if i was ok and she told me she was happy i was there and hugged me. That may not seem like much when you read it, but if you could have heard her voice.... i don't think i can explain it,  honestly i don't think it was until that moment that i realized she even liked me. Not saying she was mean to me or anything, but i mean growing up, we were both just there. Sometimes our circle of friends would mix and we would go out with a group of friends together and other times I wouldn't see her till she got off work at 11 a night and come home wanting to watch a movie because she couldn't go to sleep. (that memory makes me smile) But at the moment when she hugged me and said she was happy i was there. I felt love in her hug and in her voice. At that point i realized I loved my sister, and also, that she really did love me too. I wasn't just a sister. I was someone she cared about.
     You know, when you think about it, its so crazy. You get pared up with these people that you fight with for soooo  many years and at some points really feel anger and madness toward. Then all it takes is that one hug or that one moment when you know they have you back no matter what, and its like non of those fights or feeling ever excited. Its amazing. I love my sisters with all my heart. Still to this day i know Missy has my back no matter what and i know she will knock a person down if she has to ( i almost did that for her once but that's another blog, lol ) and i know Sara will be my best friend forever and i know she misses me if we go two days without talking. (she's not much of a talker so she is usually good with one day without hearing my rambling) The reason we are like this tho is because of our mother. Our mother showed us how to love and to listen and how to genuinely care and show love for a person you love and that you care about ..... my sisters and i wouldn't be like this if it wasn't for my family. We grow up watching my dad's family and my mom's family. My sisters and I remember the FUN family get together, where my aunt is trying to play chicken with my mom while riding on the necks of my grandma and my aunt, or the other way around, I can't remember fulling who was playing chicken with who, i just remember EVERYONE peeing themselves laughing so hard. LoL It's memories like that memory that help you forget about all the other stupid fights and angry moments.
  I know nobodies child hood is sunshine and rainbows and glitter or whatever!!! We all fight and get angry.... every teenage has the worst life ever...... every mother has the worst breakdowns ever...... every couple has the worst fights ever...... BUT.... it always gets better.,..... Teenagers will grow up..... Mothers will calm down..... and couples will kiss......

     Then everyone will eat cake.....

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Day 38 of 2013 ... Feb 7th

A couple days ago my Sister-in-Law Linda called me and asked if I had Skype.  I had heard of Skype but, NO, I had not set up an account with Skype or - on Skype or whatever it is that you have to do to get Skype.  I told Her I would look into it later on that day ... I was in the check out line at WalMart at that moment.  After we got home I went through my packages and put away what I wanted put away and then I came in here like I always do ... just try to stop these feet from walking this direction and this butt from sitting in this chair ...  I turned on my computer and the internet modem.  I waited, and waited, and waited because it takes forever for this flat screen monitor to warm up and show me - my big bear wallpapger.  I do what is now automatic.  I open 2 or 3 browsers and in each browser I open 2 or 3 different programs.

Google Chrome - http://www.MarcenzJewelSupplies.etsy.com   and Chefville which is a game I play from either Facebook or http://www.zynga.com  and of course my gmail account

Firefox -  is my default browser.  Also this is the browser that is the most populated with tab.  Always open is Yahoo email.  A page on etsy.com will be open whether it is my Jewelry shop on Etsy ... http://www.marcenebt99.etsy.com   or a Buy In Treasury called a BNS or BNR that I run weekly for the Progressive BNS Team also an Etsy thing.  Other websites I frequent from Firefox include ebay, our financial institutes, I will check on other bills from this here also.  Firefox gives me the least problems so I use it the most and do the most with it.

Internet Explorer -  Since I don't think internet explorer can handle more than 2 webpages at a time I use this only when I have Progressive BNS Team Activities to tend to.  This is the browser I use to access my team and to check on the team email.  I don't really do anything else on IE because I don't think IE can handle any more.  I don't think it works well with others ... LOL ... other browsers or more than 2 tabs.

But we were talking about Skype and I got off task.  That's what happens to me and that is what happened the other day.  I came home and forgot to check out Skype 1st thing as I said I would.  It was long into the evening when I remembered.  I went to http://www.skype.com  found some info, all seemed fine so I downloaded it onto my PC.  Well let me tell you how foolish I felt when I remembered this computer does not have a camera and I do not have a webcam.  NO SKYPE-ING

I have an iPad with a camera so I start over.  I go to skype.com download the program, register an account.  jump through a few more hoops as is required with any well established entity that one would want to use.  OK am I ready now???  I don't know ... How would I know?  Wait there is a test call I can make to check the system and see that all is well and set up and registered and on and on ...  I do the test call.  ALL IS WELL and RIGHT AS RAIN.  I will be talking to my Momma on Skype soon now.

Linda calls me to ask why I'm not answering ... they are calling my through Skype.  My iPad didn't ring.  I thought it should ring.  So I got my coffee, brought it into the kitchen,  I got my iPad, brought it into the kitchen.  Turned it on, opened the Skype program, found Linda's Skype number and pressed the phone icon.  I heard it ring,  Come on Mom ... Linda show Her where the button is to press.  I can see it's working, a live picture of me is in the corner.  AHHHHH there She is ...... MY MOM - HI MOM (I'M WAVING).
Mom got Her coffee, I got my coffee.  It's been a long time since we've had coffee together.  We're going to do this again next week also.
Thanks Linda!!!

 - Marcene  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Day 37 of 2313 ... Feb, 6th

I want to tell you about our shelf of machines here at the house.  The shelf started with a pasta maker way back in the mid 1990's.  Kmart was having a going out of business sale in Sidney, Ohio and I saw this Pasta Maker .... on clearance .... aaaand I wanted it.  So Cecil bought it for me.  I did have to fuss abit, knowing I would make homemade pasta for the homemade soup and my whole family would be healthier, He gave in and became the proud owner of a pasta making machine.  You could have picked me out of a crowd, really, I would have been the one with the big ole WOOHOO GRIN on my face.  So we get this wonderful appliance home and I ...... look through the recipe book and then I ....... make cookies with it!   LOL  The cookies were not very good so the pasta machine was delegated to a shelf in the pantry AND THE SHELF WAS BORN!!!

Now on this shelf many machines have been added, some have been removed for a time kinda like a reprieve but after a while ... back to the shelf.  I just want the machine, I have good intentions.  I want to cook or bake or  .... I think that's about it, cooking and baking unless you add computer items and new electronics and gadgets.  I now have a CRICUT CUTTER.  I use this all the time but the LAMINATOR I just knew I needed is being used by a friend, we never even opened the box. 

So there are things purchased that I use, told'cha I would, but most of them ... are on the shelf.
BREAD MACHINE ... this was used a few time but mostly .... on the shelf
PASTA MACHINE ... finally got rid of this
PIANO LESSONS ... AH HA - these were a gift I bought for Cecil, he wanted to take Piano lessons so I got a gift certificate for Him from Kincaids Music in Springfield, Ohio .... rotted on the shelf

I actually put the gift certificate inside the Pasta Machine so they could be together always.   Also the next time "THE SHELF" was mentioned I could be the aggravating wife and show Him where His Piano Lessons are being stored.

LAMINATOR ... at a friend's house ... LOL
CRICUT CUTTER ... I use this and Sara comes over and uses it also.
3 BAY CROCK POT ...  I just keep thinking I'm going to take this off THE SHELF
 Items also deserving a mention are the ICE CREAM MACHINE and SNOW CONE MACHINE .... I have used the snowcone machine and I have high hopes for some home made ice cream this summer but for now these items are on "THE SHELF".

You get it ... I have lots of machines that I wanted to use to make my family happy, to make my life ... I don't know ... how much easier can my life get.?.

I do have 1 more machine to tell you about, and I type this with my head held down,  I have such high hopes for this one like all the other ones.  I did take it out the box.  I opened the lid.  I opened the recipe book.  I DON"T want this to end up on "THE SHELF"  ... it's a personal pie maker!!!  The box has a picture of a cherry pie on it and a pot pie on the side.  I was thinking this is the machine for our kitchenette when the addition is finished.  It's small.  It's handy and if it does what it says it does I would think we would use it all the time.  Time will tell. 

I wonder if others have "THE SHELF" in their homes too.
I think there's a children's book in this somewhere.  The snowcone machine greeting the laminator and the laminator telling them what wonderful and grandiose plans we have planned and how it is only on "THE SHELF" until I find my scissors to open the box. 

 - Marcene

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Day 36 of 2013 ... Feb, 5th

I had a very good day and I was going to tell you all about it but I forgot to get here in good time.  Now it's late again, I'm tired ... again.  But you know how it goes once I get started I just go with it.  So let's see what happens.

I went shopping to get a few more things for the art party on Saturday.  And I had to tell Cecil I over did it and He said yeah, He's not surprised... or something like that.  But He wasn't upset at me.  I really like that about Him!!

I found JJ a 3 piece suit for $12.00 ... now I ask you ... how could I pass that up?  I wasn't going to get any clothes, just toys, just fun, fun, fun from NaNa and PaPa.  I also found some very fancy dresses for a few of the little girls but not all of them which could be a problem.  These dresses were only $10.00 each and these are the kind of dresses that Molly and Lilly and Ireland would call Princess dresses.   Maybe I will just send the clothes home with them in a bag and let their mom tell them NaNa got them a new dress ... ummm and tell JJ he got a suit with a tie.  He likes to wear PaPa's ties to the Sunday meetings when they visit us on weekends and go to our meeting with us.   They are very long on such a little boy but what's a PaPa to do when a little boy wants to mimmick Him.

OH ... I found some wonderful fuzzy socks ... for ME!!!!

So I did spend to much.  But it was mostly for the grandchildren and we don't do this often.  We don't celebrate the holidays that are on the calendar but I buy for our Family as I found things that makes me think of them.  The thing is I don't go out very often so our bank account might grow some which is a plus but when I do get the shopping bug I know how to put a dent in some funds.  This time it was a gouge.  

So including my iPad which we purchased late last week, ... and borrowing Sara words ... I shopped like it was someone else's money.  AND I shouldn't leave this house again ... EVER.

But Saturday should be fun for the kids and for everyone watching.  I'll take pics.
We are going to have a candy walk and a ball toss for prizes.  Eat a mess of nachos.  Bethy is making a MADE FROM SCRATCH CAKE.

I would like to invite you all but I don't have room or gifts for everyone but maybe next time.
I will keep you posted though

 - Marcene  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blabbering about nothing

Day 35 of 2013 ... Feb 4th

Today was a fine day ... I took a nap.  A nice long nap, I woke up because my feet got cold.  I don't know why my feet got cold, I had 3 blankets on.   So I got up.  It was almost 7pm so I ate something, checked on my text messages, 1 was from Molly, 1 was from Missy. 

I had a great time learning more about my iPad today.  We asked Kember and Phil to work with us in the Ministy so I could pick there brain about www.jw.org and the downloads from there.  I wasn't sure where to put these downloads and then how to retrieve them and work with them.  Yay for Kember.  She is generous with her knowledge and her patience.  She showed me how to highlight the easy way.  I forgot to get the low down on copy and paste.  She also got me all set up with FaceTime and we talked from the back seat to the front seat of the van through FaceTime on the iPad.  Cecil laughed about the echo but put up with it for that short time.   

Tomorrow I am going shopping again to finish up what is needed for the art party this Saturday.  Sara is coming to pick me up.  We asked Missy to join us but she declined.  Missy and I had plans to play in my beads tomorrow but tomorrow is the only day I have to get this shopping done so I asked her to reschedule the beading and maybe come with us.  She did reschedule the beading though.

Also I still need to pick up snacks and the food for the party.  We are having Nachos ... grandpa style nachos ... lots of extra stuff to put on top.  The kids and the grown-ups can pick and choose what they want on their nachos and make them and eat them ... yum ... yum

I'm excited about Saturday
I'm so anxious about Saturday
I want everyone to have a great time and with 8 grandkids from 15 years to not quite 18 months that's alot of work and worry.

You know I realize once I get to talking this blog just goes and goes.  I had nothing to say when I sat down and opened this page to type a new post and look at this.  I just blabber on and on and on.  I think I tell you everything.    ... LOL ...

Let's see what I talk about tomorrow .. until then

 - Marcene

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Day 34 of 2013 ... Feb 3rd

I am tired .. so tired.  I am actually to tired to talk but I could not ignore you that would just be rude.  I'm going to bed early.  What I'll probably do is lay down on the couch because Cecil is not ready for bed yet. He will cover me up and sit close enough to me to touch me so I will know He is there.  I will go to sleep while He watches TV.  He will wake me when He is ready for bed and walk me to our bed, put the heating pad on my hip ... I love that heat ... He will tuck me in and I will go back to sleep.  I would like to sleep until 6am tomorrow and wake no earlier.  Today I was awake at 4:30am because I had to go potty.  My bladder just isn't what it use to be.  I did go back to bed and dozed in and out of sleep for an hour but about 5:30 I was all done sleeping whether I liked it or not.  I didn't like it.  So I got up and turned on my computer, of course,  played Chefville until Cecil got up, we had some coffee then it was shower, shirt, shoes and shove off.  Sunday meeting.  I tried to stay awake but I did have to get up about 11:30am and go to the Mother's Room and sit.  It was just getting to difficult to concentrate with my eyes getting all blurry and my mouth hanging open like it was.  I was needing a nap.  The walk to the Mother's Room did me good and I was able to stay awake the whole meeting. 

Afterward were in with the group that was to have lunch with the Brother that gave the public discourse that morning.  We all went to Ponderosa.  Good fellowship and food that didn't poison us .... all was good.  We laughed together and broke bread for about an hour then Cecil and I said our good byes were going shopping.

The Springfield Mall doesn't have a toystore anymore and we were looking for gifts for our grandchildren.  We went elsewhere.   I hope the children will like the gifts we got for them.  We are going all out for this art party.  Noah's Ark theme.  I have the animals ready to glue.  I have gifts to wrap, game to get ready and a meal to plan.   Saturday will be here soon!

You know I will take pictures so you will get to see all the fun.  It will be like you are here with us only in a delayed form.

Off to sleep I go now
I'll talk to you again tomorrow
 - Marcene

Saturday, February 2, 2013

undating and downloading

Day 33 of 2013 .. Feb 2rd

So I got my iPad kinda set up.  My WiFi set up.  I scrolled around the Apple website and learned a few things that I could put into practice to arrange the iPad icons.  Kember called me back and told me to go to the app store and download iBooks.  I did.  She helped me find several things on the jw.org website that I just could not find.  She is wonderful and I will count on Her to help me more in the days to come.

I tried to get the1 game I really like to play "CHEFVILLE" but I get a message that it requires adobe flash and Apple iPad doesn't support adobe flash so I don't get to play Chefville when I am away from home.  I understand I can get "WORDS WITH FRIENDS" those are the 2 games I was planning to download.  See me sad ...  : (

What games do you play ... Suggest a game to me.  I don't like violence, I've seen enough and had enough of that in reality that I don't want to tote it around with me and intentionally ask for more.  Hidden games are good but some are very boring or just to easy or not really enjoyable.  Boy, oh boy I didn't realize I was that picky.  But if I'm going to pay to download it - or - if it's free but will take up precious space I could use for something else I guess it's ok to be picky after all I'm the one that's going to play it.

Mostly the iPad is for business when I leave the house for overnight stays.  I certainly can not lug around this PC..  this image is pretty funny.  I'm 5ft nothing and I say I'm just as round but I'm not really 5 ft around.  So imagine me piling a monitor, keyboard and tower on top of each other ... cords dangling, me tripping ... ooops there goes the computer ... crash!  Funny stuff.  Hooray for iPads!   Our buying trips will be more relaxed, I can check on my sales and contact customers that I am out of town and will ship in 2 or 3 days.  I can go to Bethy's house and help her when her back is really bad or when she misses me .... she misses me alot or when she needs me for whatever reason,  dunt-da-ta-da.  She only lives about 90 minutes away.  I can even go visit my Mom, she lives about 5 hours away and she does not have a computer for me to borrow when I get there.  Bethy does have a laptop but I don't think it works.  I don't know.  No matter now.  I am ready.  I mean I am almost ready, I still have a few things to learn about this iPad so I am comfortable with it and away from my computer.

I am in front of this computer within 10 minutes of my eyes opening in the morning until bedtime.  Except for running around once in awhile to do laundry, dishes, dinner, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, letting the dogs out ... letting the dogs in.  I  have got to get those dogs their own key or a doggy door.  I wouldn't have to do so much cleaning if Bethy would get her back together and get her cleaning on...  over here.  I don't think it will hurt her cervix.    I certainly don't want to hurt her cervix any more than it is hurting right now.   OOOOOO I sound very unfeeling talking about Bethy cleaning my house. Bethy honey you don't have to come and clean you can just come visit ... wait ... wait ... I have an iPad and a WiFi hot spot I can visit you!

 Talk to you tomorrow
 - Marcene

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bethy are you still waiting on me??

Day 32 of 2013 ... Feb. 1st

Today we finally bought an Apple ipad.  We hymmed and hawed about which one to get.  We talked about  them and planned a tablet party so I could use each tablet brought and see which I was comfortable with.  I know I wanted to be able to use it for my WatchTower Study so it had to have a certain something ... I just don't remember what, but I know I was told the Apple ipad did have this feature.  And those that told me what I needed, for what I wanted to do, had an ipad and the Tablet party was to be at their house.  Now all of the Tablets would allow me to study my WatchTower if it had WiFi capabilities so I could get online and go to http://www.jw.org .  Or I could study it old school like last week and use a highlighter and paper.

Now I'm high tech.  Did my life just get simpler or more complicated?  I can go visit Bethy whenever I want and take my business with me.  TaDa - simpler.  I have to learn how to use another E-lect-Tronic D-vice.  ... LOL ... complicated.

I have been in front of a computer screen for over ..... ummmmm .... well it's been over 10 years.    Every time I get a new computer it like it's my 1st one.  I know how to turn it on but when that screen lights up it's all new again.  So now I put a hand held computer in my future ... nope ... it's in my - right now.   Ok Ok  I did just get more complicated.  But it's time, I guess.  I also added the hot spot modem that will fit in my purse so I am WiFi and ready to go just as soon as I charge everything up and learn how to use the ipad.


Oh I know what to do ... I just give it to one of my grandchildren under 10 years old, let them spend about 30 minutes with it and then have them teach me how to use it.  Yepper that's the way to get an education.

Thanks for your time and if you have any advice to get me on my ipad sooner ... please let me know.
 - Marcene