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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Call Came - Bethy's Update

Day 17 of 2013
Today is Thursday

Bethy posted an update on her condition.  Remember we were waiting on a phone call to get the results about her cancer.  My baby girl is 27 years old and she has cancer, cervical cancer.   We knew what it was but not to what degree.  The doctors told her it could be up to 6 weeks before they knew enough from the tests to give any results, a prognosis and a course of treatment.  So there was very little to do but wait.  She couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, she threw up alot from stress and although she tried to hide it I knew she cried alot.  I could only watch and silently cry.  Sara and I tried to make her laugh and we succeeded a few times but until that phone call everything ... and I mean everything including her future was on hold.

This is what Bethy posted on facebook ... This is about the phone call, the news she ... we had been waiting on. ( I did not correct grammar, or spelling, fix any letters, cross any "t" or dot any "i" )

 "OK so the Doc called me today and told me good news (as good as news can get when you have cervical cancer lol) the results came back and it is just stage one (Yay) and because i am so healthy, i don't drink or smoke, the cancer is sooo slow progressing that we are going to wait 6 months and re-eval and at that point we will do something. Odds are it will be something easy that they can do in the office. I feel so much better."

We did get good news.  But, ... no treatment ... for cancer.  I'm glad Bethy can now eat without throwing up.  I'm glad she sleep better.  I'm so very glad she can get on with her life and make plans.

Bethy I still remember you have cancer.  I can no longer take you for granted ... LOL  I want to appreciate every moment with you.  I actually relish in the moments we laugh and carry on when afterward I realize I didn't think about, for those moments, you having cancer.
In 2 Timothy 3 it's talks about the last days being critical and hard to deal with.  It doesn't mention disease in those verses but this is hard to deal with.  I have learned from studying the Bible that from creation onward we were meant to live in perfect bodies free from disease.  Someday soon we will again live in perfect bodies free from disease.  Will it be soon enough?  Will Bethy get sicker?  I know the doctors have the knowledge and the skill to help Bethy.  I want them to do it.  There are other things I can think about and I would if Bethy would just get better already.  Doctors, do your stuff!!  That's why you make the big bucks. 

Additional updates will be posted here from time to time on Bethy's condition.  Also I will post about other family happenings.  I always told my girls ... THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.  Now you will get the same.  In my blog.
I end this blog today with one of my favorite scriptures.  This is the future I long for.
Revelation 21: 4  "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore...”

Until tomorrow ... Be safe and stay warm
  - marcene

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