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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Day, A New Week, A New Month, A New Year ... A NEW SHOP!!

I have opened a NEW SHOP on Etsy.  I have been thinking about this for a while but I thought it would be such a hassle to keep track of 2 shops.  You have to have a different email address per shop so now I have to keep track of 2 emails.  You have to use 2 browsers so each shop can be usable to chat through, to post listings on threads, to buy into BNR's from both shops.  I did not want to log out, log in, log out, log back into the one I use most which is my 1st shop THE ONE I USE TO SHOWCASE MY HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY.
O.K. so I downloaded Google to be my 2nd browser since I have a google email account set up.  I only used it once or twice but I had it available already so that was a good direction to go.
Before I tell you all about my new shop I should tell you my need for a 2nd etsy shop.  I make Jewelry, you already know that, that is what I sell in my ETSY SHOP.  In order to stock my beads I order an abundance so I can get the best price.  The more I buy the better the price.  So I do buy lots of beads.  The den is full of beads.  Now my Husband is nice about the stacks of containers in the den.  He only says "let's build more shelves".   Since He enables my habits by letting me control the checkbook, taking me to the bead stores and telling me to go ahead and put in that almost $300.00 order for beads what else could He say.  SIDE NOTE ... NICE GUY!   So I have lots of beads that I don't necessarily need in the quantity I have but my ETSY SHOP is for selling Jewelry and there is not enough sections to divide between Jewelry Pieces and Jewelry Supplies.  NEW SHOP idea hatching now.
I did push that thought back for a while and tried to make due with just my JEWELRY SHOP.  Although I do have enough sections for just Jewelry Pieces and the occasional card that my daughter Sara makes to sell.  I was combining all the Jewelry Supplies I had to sell into just 1 section.  I was getting frustrated with renaming sections and moving items from 1 section to another.  I was thinking more and more about that other shop.  A shop to sell jewelry supplies.  It was sounding better all the time.  SO I DID IT ... I TOOK THE PLUNGE ... OPENED ANOTHER ETSY SHOP.
The New Shop is called MARCENZJEWELSUPPLIES  the name broken down in this, my name is Marcene, to own something you add  " 's " ... that is not going to show up but the letter Z makes the same sound as " 's " so I changed the last letter in my name to a "Z".  The second part was a mistake on my part.  I was playing with words and spellings.  Do I want Jewelry?  Do I want Supply or Supplies?   So I asked for help in the threads I frequent and I got help.  The name was good but I was excited and my hands were cold (I keep the heat turned down).  I started typing, filling out the page with all the information needed to open MarcenzJewelrySupplies but I mistyped from the back spacing and retyping to correct my errors.  What I actually typed was  MarcenzJewelSupplies.  I thought I had everything I wanted spelled out right there in the name.  At first glance I did not notice no "ry" in the word jewelry was missing.  I did not notice until after I clicked the save button. Now the name of my new shop on etsy is  MarcenzJewelSupplies.
Lots of beads and charms and earwire and special items to add to bracelets.  So much for my Jewelry Supply Shop.  I have already had 6 sales.  It doesn't matter the size or amount of the sale.  I just opened my new shop on etsy and it is looking good.
By the way it is a little confusing keeping track of which shop is in which BNR and I have miss posted using the wrong shop.  But I'll get it with practice and keeping them separate in the browsers.  
Google browser gets MarcenzJewelSupplies
Firefox browser gets MY JEWELRY SHOP: MARCENEBT99
Now I just need to get you to visit BOTH shops
Come on by, let me know you visited.  I do accept offers.
Have a good day .... Now I think I will make a Treasury or Two (I will post them at the bottom of the page)


petite hermine said...

Congrats on your new shop! I know what it's like for a jewelry maker to have too many beads sometimes :)

asdesigns said...

Congrats on your second shop!!

Jill Q said...

Best of luck with your new shop, MARCENZJEWELSUPPLIES ... I know it will be a big success!

charmeddesign1012 said...

Congrats on your new shop, good luck! Sometimes I think about doing the same thing, but my plate is full as it is.

bagsofblessing said...

Way to go in taking the leap to open a second shop! I have also toyed with the idea, but so far have not made the commitment.
Best of luck to you. I'll be looking for BOTH your shops!

bountyofbeads said...

Wishing you continued success on Etsy, 2 stores is a lot of work, but you can do it!!!

Crystal said...

Good luck with your new store :) I will have to check it out

Lbtoyos said...

I wish you lot of luck with your new shop!!!

Debbie Boren said...

That's fabulous. I have two shops as well. It actually helps me stay organized. I wish you the best in 2011!!!

Angels and Everlastings said...

Great post - good luck with the new shop.
Jewelry supplies or any supplies seems to be in demand. I mean look how many people sell jewelry.

Mary said...

Marcene, congrats on your new shop. It sounds like it's going to be very successful. I wish you all the best with it.

Glitterbird Glamour said...

Wow, having two shops! I can't even manage one! Best of luck!

Sea Flower Studios said...

Congrats on your second shop!

Elizabeth said...

congrats and best of luck on the second shop. i actually like your "mistake" in the name of the second shop, it makes it more unique.