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Monday, December 13, 2010

Why December Is Difficult

When you offer items for sale and expect to actually sell them you look for ways to promote your wares.  This is December and everyone knows what happens in December.  One of the Biggest Gift Giving Times of the Year.  This is an opportunity for all sellers to make money, to sell, sell, sell, so what is the word ... PROMOTE! .... Now to keep my integrity as one of Jehovah's Witnesses I am not comfortable promoting christmas but I also want a sale.  How do I promote my wares but not compromise my integrity?  It is not enough just leaving out the word christmas when I post a sale.  I know what the christmas buyer is thinking, He or She is thinking about buying something special for that special someone.  Well in my eyes I have that Something Special so of course I want them to buy from me.   But how do I get them to my shop to see all of my "SPECIAL SOMETHINGS"?   Everywhere that buyer looks is christmas sale or special, christmas this and christmas that.  Wow I would like to crawl into a hole and come out in 2011 when this is all over but I can't I still need to make sales as much as every other seller.
As one of Jehovah's Witnesses I don't celebrate the birth of Jesus in December or any other time of year.  As a Christian and Bible Student I know Jesus died for us and told us to remember what was done for us so we could have many many many more tomorrows (Luke 22:19).
Do you really want to hear why I do not celebrate christmas especially at christmas time?  Most people are not interested in the Truth about christmas.
On Etsy, as you know, we sometimes have opportunities to join other sellers and buyers in forums called "Threads" there we chat with each other, promote our wares, makes deal, have special times for themed events, such things as this.  During the months of November and December I do not participate in alot of themed events because most have to do with the upcoming holiday.  There are christmas themed sales, special offers or the things that are done to promote christmas items.  To get those last few buyers looking for christmas gifts there are lot of christmas BNR's, christmas Frenzy's or christmas percent off coupon codes, these are things I do not actively participate in.  BNR's, Sales and Frenzy's are things that are done throughout the year usually without the word "christmas" attached so I can still make a Treasury this way I am not left out of activities that a whole thread is doing as a group to promote each other.   Most may be a christmas themed treasury while mine could be a themed treasury of jewelry with prices under $20.00 each.
Since I do not celebrate christmas I have to be careful because I do not want to get left out or dropped from the list of members of the Threads for non-participation of activities.   Some threads will change the theme of an upcoming event when I tell them the reason I will not be checking in for that event.  That was the case last friday when the java thread changed the theme from a christmas theme to a snow theme for their Friday Frenzy.  That was so very thoughtful of the members of the Java Thread that agreed to this change so I would participate.  I will continue to be an active member of that Thread.  
I sell nice Jewelry, I should not be penalized just because I do not believe as you do.   You can buy my handcrafted Jewelry for yourself or you can buy it for someone else.  That special someone would love to know you were thinking of them.  We give gifts all year, whenever we find that item that makes us think of you we buy it for you because you are special everyday of the year.
By the way I do include the word gift in my tags because as I mentioned above we do (I do) give gifts and I think my Jewelry would be appreciated and thought of as a thoughtful and loving gift.
So this is How and Why December is Difficult for me and I will be very very happy when December is just another Month on the Calendar but that is a another Bible Truth for another blog.
Questions and Comments are welcomed and appreciated.


PaintedMemoriesByRosella said...

I enjoyed reading your commentary. It was very interesting and informative.

petite hermine said...

That's a tough situation...

Lbtoyos said...

I really was thinking that use the term Christmas don´t means belive in, I think it´s shopping theme as Valentin day, and join to the shoppings sales or events don´t have any link to the origin of the term, but of course, I accept your decision and understad it.
I wish you lot of sales!!!