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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dedicated Sales

Day 10 of 2013

I have thought about it and thought it. THOUGHT ABOUT WHAT YOU MAY BE WONDERING?
Since I do not work outside of the home.  Remember I can go days and days without even going outside the back door, I've mentioned this in a past blog.  How can I contribute to the funds needed to get our house added on it so Sara can move in and Cecil can retire.  I know it will have to have something to do with jewelry ... I can't do anything else.
I can make bracelets ..... I can make them all day long.  I have.  This is what I do.  I find the beads I have in different colors. The same bead but variety of course.  I like the 4mm faux pearls they are small, glass and I have lots of different colors.  I look for gold metal and silver metal something or other to fancy up the bracelets.  I start my own netflix marathon on my computer ... My girls will have already said, probably out loud, Star Trek!!  And they will be correct.  OH what a happy girl am I!   Star Trek AND Beading, if I could find a way to get some Barry Manilow in the mix you wouldn't be able to wipe the smile from my face.   Barry Manilow music calms me and allows me to appreciate the moment, right now ......  hmmmmmm
So anyway ... I got sidetracked.

So I'm going to make bracelets and split the price right down the middle, or divide it between the business and the building fund.   By dividing the price I will be able to take care of cost and fees which are two different things.  Cost is price of beads and needed items to make the bracelets.  Fees are what I am charged to list my jewelry with pictures on etsy.com, also there is a final fee for a sale and fees for accepting payment no matter which website the payment goes through.  These fees are minimal but minimal still adds up.  I take nothing for my time because I'll be watching Star Trek so I'm OK.

These specially made for the building fund bracelets will be posted as such.  Most of the bracelets will be priced at $6.00 + shipping so I'll be able to contribute $3.00 to the building fund for every bracelet I sell.
It may not be much compared to what Cecil puts in or what Patrick and Sara will contribute in labor but I am contributing and even that little extra matters.

To make a lot of variety - I want to be able to vary the color I use and the size of bead.  These bracelets will be 4mm, 6mm or 8mm in the faux pearls (glass).  Some with, some without the extras.  A buyer will get to choose the bracelet they are interested in and also I think I will have a mystery bag which means the buyer will not know which bracelet is purchased until it arrives in the mail and it is opened.

The bracelets will be similar to these bracelets (these bracelets are already sold)
They will be listed in my etsy shop marcenebt99

This could be a good idea.  These are nice bracelets and I have the potential to actually make a contribution.  I am excited.  I CAN HELP!  I should get started on my bracelet making, Star Trek watching endeavor.

Thank you for letting me talk through this ...  right here 
I feel better.

I am already in line for tickets .... ok, ok  I'm not

Have a good day
Listen to Barry Manilow or whomever calms YOU in this stressful, uptight world
talk to you tomorrow
 - Marcene

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Anonymous said...

you also contribute by feeding every one after we work. by the way we like pork chops.

love, sara