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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is that my Mom? or your Grandma?

Day 55 of 2013 ... Feb, 24th...Sunday

I received an email notice yesterday afternoon that Bethy posted some new pictures to facebook so I clicked on the link and a picture opened,  I saw this little boy who looked like Bethy's little boy Jaxon being hugged by this familiar looking white haired old woman.  So I clicked on another link and another picture opened and there was no mistaking what I saw in this picture,  Bethy and Her Kids with MY MOM.....  OK, OK, I know my Mom is Bethy's Grandma but I had questions, I was totally confused, my head was spinning.  Where was this taken?  WHEN was this taken?  How did Bethy get to the other side of Ohio without telling me she was taking a road trip?  Why didn't She ask me to go?  What is going on?

I had to call Bethy.  So Bethy had found out that Her cousin, my niece, was having Her baby shower the next day.  We live several hours out of town so we are not privy to all the family information and didn't know Nicki baby shower was the following day.  Bethy decided to attend so She got up the next morning, packed up the kids for the day and off they went on their excursion, they headed east where the party is.   Without telling ME! .... Or informing any family members back home to be expecting Her.  She was the icing on the cake.  What a surprise.  My Mom. Bethy's Grandma, was hugging these little darlings and not putting it together yet.  She knew they were Bethy's kids but she hadn't got to the .... "How did you get here"? .... part yet.  Then she looked up and right into those big bright glistening eyes of Bethy.  Again ... What a surprise!

Well I was told by Bethy that Ireland stayed with Great Grandma the whole time they were there, right by Her side, even sitting beside Her at the "Old Ladies Table".  Bethy said that table was ... Grandma, Ireland, Old Lady, Old Lady, Old Lady and on the other side Old Lady, Old lady, Old lady.  I guess Ireland talked and talked.  She had a captive audience.  Those Ladies learned all about Ireland, the little girl not the Country.   Her favorite color ... unless it's changed, is purple.  I'm sure She shared the names of Her siblings,  Lilly and Jaxon (JJ).   I don't know what else she would share with strangers but she does jabber on when she gets started.

I called my Mom to get Her side of this and She told Ireland kept that table very entertained.  One of those Old Ladies gave Ireland $2.00 ... Bethy, your Grandma zippered the money up in a pocket on whatever Ireland was wearing ...

Now you know I have to include pictures or I won't feel like my blog is complete especially when the idea for this blog started because of pictures I was emailed.

  My Mom thinks Bethy's children are the most loving, best behaved children ever and that Bethy is looking fit and good not sick.  Yay!     I agree.

Talk to you later
 - Marcene


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