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Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Art Party, pain meds then bed

Day 40 of 2013 ... Feb, 9th

8 grandchildren, 3 Mommies, 1 Daddy and Me ... I'm NaNa (PaPa was at work most of the day).  This was quite a gathering.  1st the kiddos decorated the bag that will hold their goodies.  6 pink bags and 2 blue bags were handed out and instructions were given.
Put your name on the back of the bag, only your name and nothing else.  Make the front of your bag look any way you want.  Use stickers, markers, tape, feathers, sticks, foam animals, stampers with a variety of inks,  whatever is in the box of art supplies could be used to decorate their goodie bag.  And the mess began!!  They found glitter!  I forgot to remove the glitter from the art supply box.  It's my own fault.    But they were having fun.  they listened to the instruction they were given and the goodie bags were ready to be filled with goodies.  Oh except for Faith Marie she was still working on her goodie bag when the 1st game began.  She was looking for certain letters and I guess she was looking for the last one I had in the box because she was having some difficulty ... I believe it was a "R" she was looking for.  She was putting the word "CRAZY" on her bag.  I think it was to describe this family.

ON with filling the goodie bags.  The 1st game we played the kids had to throw a ball and try to get the ball to go into one the bags that were in the line or circle on the floor.  The bags had toys and treats in them.  We put a variety in each bag and not the same things in each bag.  The child got to throw the ball until the ball finally did go into a bag then so I did not have to bend again and again and again once I got tired ... Whew ... They reached in the bag to retrieve the ball, handed me the ball and then they got to pick a toy or a treat from that bag.   I think JJ ended up with 3 small but powerful flashlights by the end of this game.  He really seemed to like clicking them on and off and looking at everyone with the bright light.  Forget about the pudding cups and He didn't even see the motorcycles in there .... NOT YET.  After what seemed like 14 or 15 rounds of this Sara dumped all the bags onto a pile in one spot on the floor and spread it out a little and each child in turn could take something from the pile until all the goodies from this game were taken.  1 game done.

 Miles played and picked a big sucker.

 PaPa must have found alot of these flashlights, JJ got 3, Ireland has one and I know a few more were passed around.

Game #2 - Candy Walk.  Like a Cake Walk but the prize was a baggie with chocolate bars and Craisins.  We numbered some paper plates and put them in a circle on the floor in the livingroom.  Everyone that wanted to play stood on a number.  My girls participated in this one, it was the promise of chocolate as a prize that got'em involved.  All 3 of them played plus 7 grandchildren (Miles is only 16 months old so He didn't play).  So I made them work for that chocolate.  They danced, pointed and walked like an Egyptian around that circle until I stopped the music.   We did alot of laughing.  The younger ones haven't learned to be good sports yet so we did have some pouting but we kept on playing and if they wanted to join in they came back in the room.  I pointed out that you can pout and walk away but you can't win a prize unless you are in the game so back they came.   After these special goodie bags were gone I had a few treats for the two or three that didn't win a prize.  They still got a bag of chocolate so everyone was happy.  Both games were done.   I don't have any pictures of the candy walk because I was to busy laughing at these kooks (I'm taking about the adults playing with the children).

Now I asked a question ... Should we open presents or should we eat.  Faith Marie wanted to eat and from my understanding she always wants to eat.  She is 15 and I think a slight wind could blow Her over so I should let Her eat but the other kids wanted to open presents.   We opened presents.  Faith Marie handed them out for me as I handed them to Her after saying who the present was for.  I think I nailed the presents.  All smiles all around the room.  A couple of unexpected hugs coming my way was a bonus.  I just love hearing "YOUR THE BEST GRANDMA EVER" ... no seriously .... I love that!  I work hard for that.

OK time to eat.  Nachos for everyone, anyway you like'em.  These nachos were cutesy of PaPa.  He got everything ready before work this morning.  He cooked up the hamburger last night.  Chopped the onion last night.  Put everything in the fridge so all I had to do this morning us take it out of the refrigerator and put it in one of the 3 bays in the 3 bay crock pot ... WE GOT TO USE SOMETHING FROM THE SHELF! 
The nachos were extra good tonight, It must have been because of the ones we shared the meal with. 

Right after the nachos Sara cut the cake and I started scooping some ice cream.  Bethy's cake was very very good.  It was the 1st picture taken and that was before we cut into it.

Now on to another art project.  This one is for NaNa and PaPa to keep for ourselves when it is finished.  I used my Cricut Cutter and cut out 6 or 7 different animals.  Each animal had several layers to them, each layer was a different color to give the animal some dimension and character.  Also each layer had a different cut out on it so when the animal was stacked and put together several colors showed through.  Even the younger kids followed along and glued the pieces together then added their own personal touch after the gluing was finished.   With their names on the backs of their animals more glue was applied and each animal was placed on a posted board that when finished will be a wonderful representation of Noah's Ark.   The animals are glued on but we don't have the picture of Noah's Ark on it yet.  I am excited to get it finished.  This will be wall art for us and I plan to cherish it.

This is the group.  PaPa is taking the picture.
Miles is doing the wave out of sequence or He's just slap happy because no one else was doing the wave.
Can you see the colorful and creative bags.  Ireland seems to like Her red cowgirl hat.

OK it's was time for everyone to go home so I can take some painkillers to kill the pain in my feet, legs and back.  Oh my ... Oh my ... Cecil Honey make these some strong pills please.  We will clean tomorrow, Maybe.   Good night I hope you enjoyed our Art Party as much as we did.  

I am tired.  I am relieved.  I am going to bed!

 - Marcene

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