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This year I want to get personal, to just talk, I have used my blog for business for so long I have grown tired of trying to keep it up dated. SOOOOOO I thought I would give you pieces of my mind ... LOL little pieces at a time.
Now I will from time to time show you what's new in my etsy.com shop but mostly I just want to relax, unwind or get uptight whatever the day brings. But now I'm going to put into words what I'm thinking, what I'm going through, what I'm happy about.

This may become therapy, way cheaper this way!!!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Day 37 of 2313 ... Feb, 6th

I want to tell you about our shelf of machines here at the house.  The shelf started with a pasta maker way back in the mid 1990's.  Kmart was having a going out of business sale in Sidney, Ohio and I saw this Pasta Maker .... on clearance .... aaaand I wanted it.  So Cecil bought it for me.  I did have to fuss abit, knowing I would make homemade pasta for the homemade soup and my whole family would be healthier, He gave in and became the proud owner of a pasta making machine.  You could have picked me out of a crowd, really, I would have been the one with the big ole WOOHOO GRIN on my face.  So we get this wonderful appliance home and I ...... look through the recipe book and then I ....... make cookies with it!   LOL  The cookies were not very good so the pasta machine was delegated to a shelf in the pantry AND THE SHELF WAS BORN!!!

Now on this shelf many machines have been added, some have been removed for a time kinda like a reprieve but after a while ... back to the shelf.  I just want the machine, I have good intentions.  I want to cook or bake or  .... I think that's about it, cooking and baking unless you add computer items and new electronics and gadgets.  I now have a CRICUT CUTTER.  I use this all the time but the LAMINATOR I just knew I needed is being used by a friend, we never even opened the box. 

So there are things purchased that I use, told'cha I would, but most of them ... are on the shelf.
BREAD MACHINE ... this was used a few time but mostly .... on the shelf
PASTA MACHINE ... finally got rid of this
PIANO LESSONS ... AH HA - these were a gift I bought for Cecil, he wanted to take Piano lessons so I got a gift certificate for Him from Kincaids Music in Springfield, Ohio .... rotted on the shelf

I actually put the gift certificate inside the Pasta Machine so they could be together always.   Also the next time "THE SHELF" was mentioned I could be the aggravating wife and show Him where His Piano Lessons are being stored.

LAMINATOR ... at a friend's house ... LOL
CRICUT CUTTER ... I use this and Sara comes over and uses it also.
3 BAY CROCK POT ...  I just keep thinking I'm going to take this off THE SHELF
 Items also deserving a mention are the ICE CREAM MACHINE and SNOW CONE MACHINE .... I have used the snowcone machine and I have high hopes for some home made ice cream this summer but for now these items are on "THE SHELF".

You get it ... I have lots of machines that I wanted to use to make my family happy, to make my life ... I don't know ... how much easier can my life get.?.

I do have 1 more machine to tell you about, and I type this with my head held down,  I have such high hopes for this one like all the other ones.  I did take it out the box.  I opened the lid.  I opened the recipe book.  I DON"T want this to end up on "THE SHELF"  ... it's a personal pie maker!!!  The box has a picture of a cherry pie on it and a pot pie on the side.  I was thinking this is the machine for our kitchenette when the addition is finished.  It's small.  It's handy and if it does what it says it does I would think we would use it all the time.  Time will tell. 

I wonder if others have "THE SHELF" in their homes too.
I think there's a children's book in this somewhere.  The snowcone machine greeting the laminator and the laminator telling them what wonderful and grandiose plans we have planned and how it is only on "THE SHELF" until I find my scissors to open the box. 

 - Marcene

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